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The Roth Firm Nashville, TN is located just 3.7 miles from the Nashville International Airport near Wells Fargo Dealer Services and across the street from Dunkin' Donuts.

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A Premier Personal Injury Law Firm In Nashville, TN

Welcome to the Roth Firm's Nashville Personal Injury location.

Here you can learn about our expert personal injury lawyers, the areas of law that we specialize in, and how to hire the right lawyer for your case. 

The Roth Firm is known throughout the Southeastern United States as providing the highest level of customer service to its clients.

Our Background

First and foremost we view ourselves as educators. 

We want our clients to feel informed and empowered when it comes to the details of their case. 

Our attorneys are committed to sharing with every client the progress of their case, what they are working on, and providing a reasonable timetable as to when they can expect their case to be settled. 

Many of our Nashville Attorneys previously worked as defense attorneys for the insurance industry, this gives our team a keen understanding of how insurance companies think, operate, and look to take advantage of those who do not understand all of the legal complexities associated with Accident Injury Law

If you were injured due to the negligence of someone else, please contact The Roth Firm immediately.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

To guard your legal rights, your attorney needs to act quickly to:

  • Preserve valuable evidence
  • Locate key witnesses and possibly medical witnesses
  • Minimize attempts by the at-fault party, or their insurance company, to avoid responsibility for their actions

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Why Choose the Roth Firm

Continued Success

Our Nashville PI Lawyers have a 10.0 “Superb” rating on Avvo™, and are part of Super Lawyers Rising Stars.

Personal Dedication

The Roth Firm is committed to compassionate and personal client representation.

No Fee Promise!

Our firm works on a contingency fee basis. This means there are never any fees unless we win your case.

Nashville Accident Resources

If you were injured and need medical attention, here are a list of local Nashville Hospitals:

5 Steps to Take Immediately After Any Accident Injury in Nashville


1. Never leave the scene of an accident, gather as much evidence from the scene that you can, including any witness contact information, photos of the accident, and any other pertinent insurance information of the other party. .

2. It is crucial that you seek medical care immediately. Leaving a gap of any significance in medical treatment can harm your claim.

Also, proper documentation of your injuries is very critical when pursuing a lawsuit.  

3. Do not sign anything without having one of our personal injury lawyers review your case for free first.

This could jeopardize your claim later. 

4. Never discuss the extent of your injuries with an insurance adjuster until you are certain of the full scope of the injuries that you suffered. 

Many of our clients have told us that they felt alright immediately after the accident, but in a few days, are in excruciating pain.

5. Look to hire a personal injury lawyer that is experienced in all matters that pertain to your case and remember these 7 questions to ask before hiring one.

Nashville Client Reviews

  • I can't say enough good words about this Firm. They were able to obtain a very successful result for me. Everyone at the Firm was professional, courteous, and extremely helpful. They were patient with all my questions. They responded quickly by telephone or email. The support staff was always extremely courteous and helpful. For my case, I worked specifically with Attorney Richard Bentley. He was knowledgeable, assertive when necessary and required, and always patient with my many questions. I highly recommend this Firm. - Diane G.
  • Micheal was the best attorney I could have asked for in my case. He was thorough and advised me to wait until I had received all the treatment I needed and not to rush. He answered all of my emails timely and spent needed one on one time with me discussing and planning for my case. He also was able to settle my case satisfactorily without years of litigation. Very pleased with this firm and I highly recommend them. - Katie C.
  • I was involved in auto accident, the other drivers' insurance refused to cover the claim as the driver wasn't covered on the policy. The Roth Firm worked with my auto insurer and with the medical facilities to get my claim covered and my costs reduced. I will be recommending them to family and friends. - Brittany G.
  • Words can't express the professionalism shown during my experience with the Roth Firm. From the first initial call to the final resolution of the case, they were hands down WONDERFUL! I wanted to kiss 'em they were so great! - Brandi R.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can A  Personal Injury Attorney Help Me? 

A personal injury lawsuit is the direct result of a civil wrong.

Our personal injury lawyers correct these injustices through the legal system to provide you with the compensation that you deserve. 

Our experienced Nashville Accident Injury Attorneys understand how to effectively represent your case to obtain compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial losses.

In a very simple form, our lawyer's job is to inform the defense attorney and the insurance company of the following relevant facts:

  • The injuries you sustained 
  • The details of the accident
  • The reasons your damages are the fault of the defendant

What Should I Say to the Insurance Company? 

It is important that accident injury victims contact their attorney before speaking to an insurance adjuster.

The insurance companies interests are in direct opposition to you. They are trying to minimize the extent of your injuries so they can limit the settlement amount that you will be given.

If you do not know all aspects of personal injury tort law or what kinds of evidence could potentially be used at trial, you may end up revealing information that can be detrimental to your case without realizing it.


Warning: Only provide general information about your accident to the  insurance adjuster – the when, where, and who. Never provide any input about fault or make any unnecessary statements or accusations. Insurance adjusters can use the substance of your conversation against you. If the adjuster tries to push your for additional information, tell them that you need to speak with your attorney first.


How Long Until I Receive a Settlement for My Case? 

No two Personal Injury Cases are the exact same, which means there is not a precise time frame for how long a case could take.

Some minor lawsuits can be settled more quickly than a major accident injury case. 

There are three main reasons why a personal injury lawsuit can move slowly:

  • there are factual problems with the case
  • the case involves a lot of money
  • you have not reached a point of maximum medical improvement from your injuries.

An individual only has one opportunity to pursue an injury claim and seek fair compensation. If the settlement offer is not fair or the insurance adjuster apportions more fault to you than you think you deserve, we can take the case to the Nashville Municipal Court for a judge to review.

What if I Can't Afford A Personal Injury Attorney? 

Our Law Firm is proud to inform you that we do not require any money upfront for our services. 

In fact, the only time you would ever pay a fee to The Roth Firm is if you won your case and received a satisfactory settlement. 

This is called a contingency fee. 

In a contingency fee arrangement, a lawyer’s fees will be deducted from the final settlement of your case or the final verdict if the case proceeds to trial.

Nashville Practice Areas

  • Car Accidents

  • Truck Accidents

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Boating Accidents

  • Broken Bones

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Defective Products

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Wrongful Death

  • Slip and Fall Injuries

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

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