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Car Accidents Caused by Unsafe Roads

The Roth Firm, LLC helps Atlanta locals with all types of car accident claims, including single-vehicle accidents caused by poor road conditions. Were you driving responsibly when you suddenly lost control of your car because of a road defect? We might be able to help you demand compensation from the liable party, which could be a local municipality.

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Dangerous Road Defects

What type of road defect caused your crash?

  • Pothole: Every motorist hates potholes. You are bound to hate them even more if you hit one at a high speed, lost control, and crashed. Potholes are especially dangerous menaces to motorcyclists, who are more likely to wreck when driving over one.
  • Missing guardrail: Guardrails and barriers along highways and winding roads are designed to prevent drivers from falling down steep inclines or veering into more traffic if they lose control. If you got into a wreck and the outcome was much worse than it would have been had there been a guardrail in place, then you might have a road defect lawsuit on your hands.
  • Unclear lane markers: Traffic depends on clear and logical lane markers and directions to keep all motorists in their lanes. When the instructions given to a driver are poor or the lane markers are not maintained well, motorists can inadvertently cause an accident in their confusion, which is not entirely their fault.
  • Inadequate drainage: In regions that get heavy or seasonal rainfall, adequate drainage is required to ensure water does not flood the roads. If storm drains and culverts are poorly maintained, then the roads near them can become dangerous by default.

Who is to Blame for Road Defects?

Suing another motorist for your crash might not be the right call if a road defect was the root cause. There might not even be another motorist in your case at all if you were the only vehicle involved in the crash. In that situation, the liability could rest on a local municipality in charge of maintaining the roads. Here in Atlanta, Georgia, the Atlanta Department of Transportation (ATLDOT) is tasked with keeping the roads safe, which includes planning construction and repair projects as needed.

Suing a driver can be difficult but suing a government entity can be a downright challenge. However, if you let our attorneys work on your case for you, then you will be ready to challenge a government entity head-on. Such cases usually have a brief statute of limitations – as short as 90 days in some situations and regions – so it is even more important to get us on your side right away.

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