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Our Personal Injury Attorneys Approach


Our mission as the Southeast's Premier Personal Injury Law Firm is to provide our clients with a superior service level unmatched at any other practice.

The Roth Firm has based its practice on catering to its clients’ needs.  We fully invest in our clients by limiting the total number of cases we accept, we travel to our clients' homes or places of employment to discuss the details of your case, and we are meticulous investigators who uncover every detail of each case to maximize your compensation.

If you are looking for this high level of service and dedication, then you are in the right place.

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Being involved in an accident can be inconvenient and stressful.  Hiring our firm will allow you to focus on managing your pain. 

We take our professional obligation seriously from the beginning and will never put our clients in a position where we are prescribing solutions without fully diagnosing each of our client’s challenges they are experiencing today. 

We want to hear what you are dealing with right now!

We value you and want to make sure you fully understand the complexities of your case and how we will help you along each step of the process.


Most of our Personal Injury Attorneys started their law careers on the “other side” of the courtroom.

We attribute the strength of our practice to the foundation that was laid when our attorneys learned the ropes as in-house trial attorneys for major insurance companies and carriers.

Our attorneys know the other team’s playbook, what pushes their buttons, what scares them, and how to hold the insurance companies accountable.

We get incredible results for our clients.

About Our Personal Injury Law Firm

Who We Are

We are personal injury attorneys based in Atlanta, Georgia with offices in Atlanta, Fayetteville and Nashville, specializing in auto, truck and motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice and wrongful death cases.

Our civil litigation firm is focused on one thing: using our experience and legal skills to help people who have been injured by another’s negligence receive the compensation they deserve.

Not only are we dedicated to seeking the largest possible recovery for you, but also to seeing that these funds are paid quickly; we know your bills don’t stop just because you have been injured.

What Makes Us Different?

We are able to devote the time and resources needed to achieve these kinds of results by limiting the number of cases we accept. This allows us to devote our full attention to each client so that no opportunity is missed and no obstacle is undetected in pursuing justice for you. We will travel to meet you at your home, workplace, or in the hospital and routinely offer night and weekend hours.

Attorney James M. Roth has inside knowledge of how insurance companies fight lawsuits

He knows what works and what doesn’t work because he has been on the “inside” by serving as an in-house trial attorney for large insurance companies.

If this is the level of commitment and expertise you are seeking and if these are the results you want, then we invite you to contact us today for a personal consultation on your case at absolutely no cost to you. We are paid only when we succeed; our fee is paid out of the amount we recover on your behalf.

Where We Serve

Our personal injury law firm is proud to represent clients in the metro Atlanta area and throughout the state of Georgia, as well as Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding cities.

We have attorneys on staff licensed to practice and able to take cases in other states throughout the Southeast and the United States.

Our Main Practice Areas Include:

The Roth Firm takes pride in each case we represent.  When we take your case, you will have a dedicated lawyer to see your case through to its completion.

We have grown our personal injury practice primarily through word of mouth by fighting for those injured in accidents.

Our firm covers a wide range of personal injury claims.  We are ready to hear from you.

Our law firm looks forward to learning more about your situation and determining the best way to help support you through this tumultuous time. Please fill out the information below to get the service you need!

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The Roth Firm takes pride in each case we represent, when we take your case, you will have a dedicated lawyer to see your case through to its completion.

We have grown our Personal Injury practice mostly through word of mouth, by fighting for those injured in accidents covering a range of personal injury and consumer protection cases.

Our law firm looks forward to learning more about your situation and figuring out the best way to help support you through this time. 

Please fill out the information on your right to get the service you need!

Meet Our Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers

Our Dedicated Legal Team

Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Jim Roth
James M. Roth

Managing Partner

Top Accident Injury Lawyer in Atlanta Keri Mason Roth
Keri Mason Roth


Christopher Annunziata Georgia Attorney at Law
Christopher Annunziata

Attorney at Law

Lawyer Richard Bentley
Richard Bentley

Attorney at Law

Katherine Brown - Atlanta Lawyer
Katherine Brown

Attorney at Law

Nashville Personal Injury Lawyer David Carter
David Carter

Attorney at Law

Top Rated Personal Injury Attorney | Benjamin Clary
Benjamin Clary 

Attorney at Law

Matthew Cochran Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta
Matthew Cochran

Attorney at Law

PI Attorney Mary Kathryn Davis
Mary Katherine Davis

Attorney at Law

Attorney Carla L. Hines
Carla L. Hines

Attorney at Law

Personal Injury Lawyer Tiffiny Robinson
Tiffiny Robinson

Attorney at Law

Oscar S. Spivey III Top Rated Nashville Personal Injury Lawyer
Oscar S. “Kav” Spivey III

Attorney at Law

DeAnna Thomas Marketing Administrator
DeAnna Thomas

Marketing Administrator

Elisha Hobbs | BEst Personal Injury Law Firm in Atlanta Firm
Elisha Hobbs

Firm Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I cannot afford to hire a lawyer to represent me in my personal injury claim?

The Roth Firm works on a contingency fee basis. This means that The Roth Firm only gets paid when you get paid. When you choose The Roth Firm to handle your case, you pay us absolutely nothing until you are awarded a settlement!

Roth firm

Do I have a case?

If you have been injured in an auto, truck, motorcycle, ATV, boat or other type of accident and believe it is the fault of someone else (including a company, corporation, person, or their property or pet) then you are likely to have a personal injury case.

The Roth Firm will provide a free evaluation, no obligation consultation of your case in order to determine whether you have a personal injury case.

Can your attorney travel or come to me?

If you are hurt, injured, in the hospital or otherwise in pain, The Roth Firm will come to you and with office locations in Downtown Atlanta, Marietta, Fayetteville and Nashville, you have many options from which to choose.

How much money will I be awarded if I win my case?

Though every case varies, compensation may be awarded for things including all medical related expenses (including chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and prescription medication), lost wages (including overtime and potential future wages), pain and suffering, physical and emotional distress, property damage, and expenses that affect your day to day life.

When should I file a Personal Injury lawsuit?

Time flies – Act fast!

All cases have a statute of limitations.

Contacting a personal injury law firm as quickly after the incident as possible should eliminate the possibility of the statute running. 

Also, you should know these 3 common things to take care of before you even speak to your attorney face to face.

Should I sign documents the other side provided?

Don’t sign anything!

Let The Roth Firm evaluate your case and read the documentation presented by the opposing party. You may sign away your rights to a trial or the right to a settlement.

I would like to seek legal advice – what do I do now?

Memorialize what happened during and after the incident that caused your accident. Paperwork is beneficial, but not always necessary.

The Roth Firm can assist you in obtaining the following:

  • Police report, if available
  • Names and addresses of Witnesses
  • Medical treatment locations
  • Medical Bills
  • Ambulance Bills
  • Invoices for medical treatment
I’ve interviewed one attorney, but I would like to get a second opinion?

Choosing the right attorney to handle your personal injury claim is important. A good personal injury attorney should not have a problem with you obtaining a second opinion.

The Roth Firm is well versed in multiple types of injury claims, but also provides customer service often missing from other firms. With The Roth Firm’s personal touch, you should have no problem deciding on the best firm to handle your case!

Is there an average or normal contingency fee?

The Roth Firm’s fee depends on the complexity of the case, the time at which it settles, and the anticipated costs that may be invested prior to settlement. The Roth Firm has an excellent reputation, which is very important to your case.

A higher contingency fee to a highly skilled, well-respected lawyer will in all probability yield a higher overall recovery to you than a lower fee with less experienced attorney.

The important thing to remember is that The Roth Firm does not get paid until you do!

So schedule a Free Case Consultation either at our Atlanta, Fayetteville, or Nashville office today. 

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