Most Important Questions to Ask Your Auto Accident Lawyer

Working with a lawyer can feel like stepping into a new world. There is unfamiliar language, a confusing legal process, and, if you have never experienced a car accident case before, you might not know where to start.

To help you get a handle on the world of car accident litigation, we've compiled a list of the most important questions to ask your car accident attorney. You want to be sure you are working with a competent, skilled professional, so use these questions as a guide to get to know your attorney before committing. You don't want to wind up working with an attorney who doesn't know what they are doing.

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How Much Experience Do You Have with Car Accident Cases?

If your car accident attorney has a background in auto accident law, your case will likely go smoother. Attorneys who have handled car accident cases know how to deal with insurance companies and the best way to calculate accident damages. If you hire an experienced attorney, it can give you the advantage to win the largest settlement possible for your case. If your attorney has a medical background this can also benefit your case. A lawyer with experience in healthcare will be more equipped to navigate compensation related to your injuries. To get a better idea of your lawyer's experience level, you can ask him or her to give you examples of previous cases and their client's outcomes.

Will Other Members of Your Legal Staff Work on my Case?

If you hire a firm that lacks the resources to devote an entire team to your case, this may cause communication issues. If your attorney is tied up with another case or is on vacation, you will have no way to get the information you need. By ensuring that a highly trained legal team collaborates on your case, your case and settlement will benefit from a more extensive skill set and knowledge base. And you will always have someone to talk to when you need it.

Will Your Firm Handle My Case if it Goes to Trial?

Oddly enough, many lawyers will hand off your case if it needs to go to court. Rather than seeing a client's case through to the end, many attorneys will pass the case on to a different legal team if it needs to go to trial. This can be a confusing and frustrating transition for many car accident victims. If it is important to you, make sure that your attorney will handle your case from start to finish, even if it has to go to trial for a settlement.

How Often Do Your Car Accident Cases Go to Trial?

The best-case scenario for an auto accident victim is to settle their case without needing a trial. Settling a case without a trial is a well-known best practice for car accident attorneys as it can shorten the case's timeline and avoid the stress and risk of litigation. Ask your lawyer if it is common for them to settle cases before a full-blown lawsuit to make sure you have your best chance at a low-stress car accident case.

How Much Do You Charge for Your Legal Services?

Most car accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means that a client does not pay for legal services out-of-pocket. Instead, if you receive a favorable outcome, your lawyer will deduct a percentage from your settlement amount to cover their legal fees. It is crucial to be sure your attorney works for a contingency fee. This protects you from hefty legal fees should your car accident case go south. It is also crucial to ask your lawyer for their contingency fee percentage. In Georgia, a car accident firm typically retains one-third, or 33%, of an auto accident settlement. Reasonable percentages range from 25-40% depending on the length of the case and the work involved.

How Long does it Take Your Firm to Return Client Calls?

While it may seem insignificant now, if you have a pressing question for your lawyer and are struggling to get in touch, it might feel like a deal-breaker. One of the most common complaints clients have about their attorney is that he or she was difficult to reach over the phone. Ask your lawyer if they have a policy for returning phone calls. If they have a 24-hour or 48-hour callback policy, you will know what to expect. If they do not have a plan in place, it is unlikely you will hear back when you need it most.

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