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Airbags are designed to save lives, but when a malfunction occurs, they can cause serious injuries or death. The very thing that is supposed to protect you during a car accident can actually be the cause of your injuries. When an airbag deploys with too much force or at the wrong time, it can cause life-altering injuries or even death.

If you or a loved one suffered an airbag-related injury, The Roth Firm, LLC is here to help. With offices in Tennessee and Georgia, our Nashville airbag injury attorneys have helped countless victims and families across the region fight for the full, fair compensation.

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What is an Airbag Injury?

An airbag injury refers to any physical harm sustained by individuals due to the deployment of an airbag in a vehicle during a crash or collision. While airbags are designed to save lives by cushioning the impact and reducing the force of collision, they can also cause injuries under certain circumstances.

Common causes of airbag injuries include:

  • Deployment at High Speeds: Airbags deploy rapidly, and the force of deployment can cause injuries, especially if the vehicle is traveling at high speeds during a collision.
  • Improper Positioning: Sitting too close to the steering wheel or dashboard can result in more severe injuries upon airbag deployment, as the individual may be in the direct path of the deploying airbag.
  • Improper Installation or Maintenance: Faulty installation or malfunctioning sensors can cause airbags to deploy unexpectedly or fail to deploy during a crash, leading to injuries.
  • Manufacturing Defects: Defects in the design or manufacturing process of the airbag system can lead to unexpected deployments or inadequate protection during a collision.
  • Secondary Impact: In some cases, airbag deployment may cause secondary impacts, such as hitting occupants with objects propelled by the airbag or causing occupants to hit each other or interior components of the vehicle.

Who is Liable for Airbag Injuries?

Liability depends on various factors such as the specific circumstances of the accident, the design and manufacturing of the airbag system, the actions of the vehicle occupants, and applicable laws. Here are some parties that might be held liable for airbag injuries:

  • Vehicle Manufacturers: The primary responsibility for airbag safety lies with the manufacturers of vehicles. If an airbag fails to deploy properly or deploys unnecessarily due to a manufacturing defect or design flaw, the manufacturer may be held liable for resulting injuries. This includes both the vehicle manufacturer and the manufacturer of the airbag system.
  • Parts Manufacturers: In cases where the airbag or its components are supplied by a third-party manufacturer, such as the airbag inflator or sensors, that manufacturer may also be held liable if their product is found to be defective and causes injury.
  • Maintenance and Repair Providers: If improper installation, maintenance, or repair of the airbag system is found to be a contributing factor to an airbag-related injury, the individual or entity responsible for these services may be held liable.
  • Governmental Agencies: Governmental agencies responsible for regulating vehicle safety standards may be held liable if they fail to properly enforce regulations or if it's found that they were aware of defects in airbag systems but did not take appropriate action.
  • Other Drivers or Third Parties: In some cases, airbag injuries may be caused or exacerbated by the actions of other drivers or third parties involved in the accident. For example, if another driver's negligence led to a collision where airbags deployed and caused injuries, that driver could be held liable.
  • Vehicle Occupants: In situations where occupants fail to use seatbelts properly or are seated in a manner that increases the risk of injury during airbag deployment, they may bear some responsibility for their own injuries.

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After an airbag-related accident, you may be facing mounting medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. The thought of filing a lawsuit may feel overwhelming, but you do not have to do this alone. The Roth Firm, LLC is here to help.

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