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How are Motorcycle Accidents Different From Car Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents are different than car accidents in many ways.

Motorcycle accidents usually cause more severe injuries to the victims, sometimes leading to higher settlement offers.

Motorcycle accidents also have different legal issues when it comes to fault, negligence and other factors such as whether or not they were wearing protective gear. Consulting an attorney for legal advice is the best way to address the factors of your case and receive the compensation you deserve.

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What if I was not wearing a Helmet?

Winning my Motorcycle Accident Case

Even if you were not wearing a helmet at the time of your motorcycle accident it does not mean that you are not entitled to compensation.

Although not wearing a helmet can effect the outcome of your case, speaking with a personal injury attorney is the best way to find out if you should still pursue a lawsuit.  

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What if I was Partially at Fault for my Motorcycle Accident?

Many states operate on a comparative negligence status when it comes to motor vehicle accidents. This means that based on the facts of your case, the courts will determine what percentage was your fault, and reduce your settlement by that amount.

Another type of Negligence that may effect your case is Contributory Negligence, which means that a victim is not entitled to any compensation if they were found to have any fault in their accident. 

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How Long do I have to File a Motorcycle Wreck Lawsuit? 

In the state of Georgia, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim after a motorcycle accident is two years.

This time starts at the time of the accident, and if a claim is not filed within the two year period, then the courts will not hear the case.

Speaking with an attorney and filing your claim as soon as possible is the safest route to take when it comes to your motorcycle accident. 

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What types of Damages and Compensation can I get from my Lawsuit?
Motorcycle accident injury lawyer

There are many different types of damages that can be included in your motorcycle accident injury settlement, including:

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Property Damage
  • Medical Expenses
  • Out-of-Pocket expenses
  • Lost Income

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What if the Accident was Caused by Poor Road Conditions?

If your motorcycle accident was caused by poor road conditions, such as a pothole, then you may still have a case. Instead of being against another motorist, your case will most likely be against the city or state government where the accident occurred.

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Should I accept a Settlement offer from the Insurance Company?

You should never accept an initial offer from an insurance company after a motorcycle accident. Insurance companies offer victims low-ball amounts in the hopes of saving themselves money. If you accept the settlement offer, you are giving up your right to pursue further damages and may be left with unpaid bills.

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How can a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer help me?

Motorcycle accident common legal questions

Personal Injury Attorneys work with the victims of motorcycle accidents to ensure that they are rightfully compensated for the ordeal.

Experienced attorneys will keep track of all relevant documents, inform the client of anything they need to do or avoid doing, and prepare a settlement request so that the case can avoid going to trial.

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How much does a Motorcycle Accident Attorney at Law cost?

Most personal injury attorneys work on a Contingency Fee basis. A contingency fee basis means that clients do not pay them anything unless they receive a settlement from their lawsuit. Once the settlement is received, the attorney then takes a percentage of the amount as payment for their services.

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Will I have to go to Trial for my Motorcycle Accident Case?

Most personal injury cases never make it to trial. The majority of the time they are settled beforehand once an agreement is reached between the victim and usually the at fault party's insurance company.

If your case does go to trial, your attorney will be there right with you, fighting for your rights and the compensation that you deserve.

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