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The Roth Firm in Fayetteville, GA is located less than 1 mile south of the Banks Station Shopping Center and just around the corner from the Glynn Hood Plaza Shopping Center.

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Fayetteville, Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys

Thanks for visiting The Roth Firm's Fayetteville Personal Injury page!

This page will inform you about our skilled personal injury attorneys, the areas of law we specialize in, and how to hire the right lawyer to represent your personal injury case.

The Roth Firm has a reputation for providing the highest level of customer service to its clients throughout the Southeastern United States.

About Our Law Firm

We make it our first priority to answer all of our client's questions.

We want you to feel informed, comfortable and empowered knowing the details of your case.

Our attorneys will always keep you up to date with the status of your case, and provide a reasonable timetable as to when your settlement can be expected.

An added bonus to working with The Roth Firm is that many of our attorneys used to work as defense attorneys for an insurance company.

This gives our already keen lawyers an even bigger edge over the competition.

We understand how insurance companies think, operate, and try to take advantage of those who are not well versed in their legal rights and the complexities associated with their case.

Striving to Protect Your Legal Rights

After an accident, be sure to act as quickly as possible in order to strengthen your case.

Your attorney will need you to seek medical attention, preserve valuable evidence, and refrain from speaking to an insurance company about your accident.

In the meantime, your attorney will be acting rapidly to:

  • File Your Claim
  • Gather Further Evidence
  • Locate Key Witnesses for Statements
  • Minimize Attempts by Insurance Companies to Avoid Responsibility

If you were hurt due to the reckless and negligent actions of another, please contact The Roth Firm in Fayetteville, Georgia today so we can protect your rights and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Choose the Roth Firm for Quality Representation

Record of Success

The Roth Firm prides itself on relentlessly pursuing each clients case. In addition to our 10.o rating on Avvo™, we are one of Super Lawyer's "Rising Stars."

Personalized Devotion

The Roth Firm is committed to each and every client. You will always have a positive and personalized experience when working with your legal team at The Roth Firm.

No Fee Promise!

The Roth Firm never charges clients any upfront fees. We only get paid after winning your case and helping you receive your maximum settlement.

Have You Been the Victim of a Personal Injury Accident in Fayetteville, Ga?

Learn What To Do!

Accidents resulting in injuries or death occur in too often.

However, victims do not have to suffer.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers understand the physical pain, emotional stress, and financial struggle that accident injury victims suffer from due to the negligence of another reckless individual.

If you wish to file a claim and pursue a lawsuit against the negligent person, you must follow these steps to be sure not to compromise your case against the wrong-doer.

1. Never leave the scene of the accident before gathering as much evidence as possible.

Record witness information, take photos and copy pertinent insurance information. 

2. Seek medical attention immediately.

It is imperative to your case's success that you do not leave any gap in the timing of your medical treatment following an accident.

3. Do not accept a low-ball insurance settlement offer, provide a statement to the insurance company regarding your injuries, or attempt to negotiate alone.

Signing anything without consulting an attorney first will most likely forfeit your chance at receiving just compensation.

4. Hire an experienced Fayetteville personal injury lawyer to help you with your case.

Having a professional attorney on your side drastically increases your chances of receiving maximum compensation. 

Fayetteville Client Testimonials

  • I have been a client of the Roth Firm for many years and I love the personal approach to representation the firm offers. Although I am sure he has a plethora of clients, he remembers me and everyone at the firm treats me like a truly valued client. I will continue to use his services each time I need representation.

    -Tarcarnesia B.


  • I can honestly say that the excellent customer service, and the efficiency I received with my case at the Roth Firm deserves more than a 5 star rating. After having to switch firms from another lawyer to the Roth firm, I was skeptical about the completion of my case, I was however shortly reassured that I would be taken care of . The Roth Firm took care of everything so that I could focus on my healing process. Being kept up to date on the status of my case throughout the process was a key factor for me and the Roth Firm delivered!

    Nadia T.


  • Everyone at The Roth Firm showed exceptional customer service. They made me feel comfortable in every way! I loved the way they kept me in the loop with all communication! I would recommend The Roth Firm all day...every day!


  • I was in a bad accident this year and Mr. Roth personally handled my case. He is very knowledgeable and really knows how to handle the insurance companies. He even assisted with my property damage claim when my insurance company was being difficult. I would highly recommend his firm!


Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Am Injured and Can Not Afford Medical Treatment?  

Fortunately, if you were hurt in an accident in Fayetteville that was not your fault, you should never have to pay out of pocket for your medical bills. 

This is another reason why contacting an attorney immediately is smart.

Your attorney will sign a lien taking responsibility for all of your medical bills until you receive your settlement.

They will keep a record of these bills and include the total amount owed in the settlement offer.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer? 

The Roth Firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means you will never have to pay a fee upfront for legal representation.

Our lawyers will only ever collect their fee after they have won your case and you received your deserved settlement. 

Depending on if your case proceeds to trial, your attorney's fee will be deducted from the final settlement or verdict.

How Long Will My Personal Injury Lawsuit Take?

Every individual personal injury accident case is unique and the duration is usually dependent on the type of accident and severity of the injuries sustained by the victim.

The main reason cases initially move slowly is  because the victim is not done receiving treatment for their injuries. 

Upon completion of your treatment, your attorney will be able to officially collect and total the amount of bills and records from your accident.

They will then send your monetary demand to the insurance company.

The insurance company will review these demands and most likely respond with a counter offer.

Negotiations may go on for a few weeks until a settlement is agreed upon.

If an agreement cannot be met, your case will proceed to trial and a judge or jury will be responsible for deciding how much you are owed for your injuries, damages, pain, and suffering.

Remember, you only have one opportunity to pursue your injury claim for fair compensation, so be sure to consider every cost and do not rush the process.

Should I Negotiate With the Insurance Company?

We would never recommend that an inexperienced and unrepresented person attempt to negotiate with an insurance company on their own.

Insurance companies are ruthless and can use anything you say against you.

They will use any discrepancies to their advantage and discredit your accident and injuries, potentially denying all responsibility. 

Therefore, it is crucial that victims contact an attorney before speaking to an insurance adjuster.

We do not want you to unknowingly reveal any information about your case that can be detrimental to its success. 

Despite what insurance adjusters say, they are in opposition of you and will attempt to minimize your injuries and limit the monetary compensation you receive. 

Practice Areas

  • Car Accidents

  • Truck Accidents

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Boating Accidents

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Defective Products

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Wrongful Death

  • Slip and Fall Injuries

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

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