How Can Atlanta, Georgia's Top Car Accident Injury Lawyers Help You?

Car Accidents can dramatically affect every aspect of a person’s life, including their physical and emotional health, ability to work, and family life.

Our Atlanta, Ga Attorneys specialize in automobile accident injuries and can help you with your case.Atlanta Automobile Accident Trial Attorney

Automobile accidents injure thousands of individuals in Atlanta, Georgia every year, but our trusted car accident injury attorneys at The Roth Firm are dedicated to protecting hurt victims and making sure no client is taken advantage of by insurance companies.

According to Georgia's Office of Highway Safety, there were 1,130 traffic fatalities this year and 112,526 car accidents that caused serious injuries.

Our expert car accident injury attorneys understand how an automobile crash can impact the life of an innocent victim. 

When motor vehicle accidents occur, the drivers who are at fault, whether it be by intentional, negligent, or careless acts, need be held accountable for their actions.

Why The Roth Firm Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers

The attorneys at The Roth Firm in Atlanta, Georgia have the skills to handle complicated car wreck accident litigation and achieve maximum compensation for victims and their hardships.

Our legal team is experienced in serving victims of Car Accident InjuriesWe know that after being hurt in a car accident, you may have questions about your legal rights and what steps are needed to receive a maximum financial remedy.

Our legal team is committed to answering those questions and being there for you every step of the way. 

If you or a loved one was involved in a motor vehicle accident, contact an attorney at The Roth Firm at 404-250-3236 to schedule your free consultation at our Atlanta law office or click on the link below.

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Questions that Need to Be Answered about Your Atlanta Car Accident

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  2. Can I still seek damages if I was found partially at fault for my accident?
  3. How much does it cost to hire an Atlanta car wreck lawyer?
  4. What is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident?
  5. How long does a car accident settlement take?
  6. What is the average payout for whiplash?
  7. Do You Need a Lawyer after a Car Accident?
  8. How long do you have to get a lawyer after a car accident?
  9. How much money do you get for pain and suffering in a car accident?
  10. What Steps Should I Take Following A Car Accident In Atlanta?

Common Collisions and Injuries Auto Accident Victims Sustain

Depending on the type of collision you were involved in, you may have been vulnerable to suffering from a variety of different injuries. T

he most common types of car accidents that result in injury include,

  • Rear End Collisions
    • Rear-end collisions often occur when a driver is following too closely behind another vehicle. These types of collisions can also occur when traffic ahead stops abruptly, and the following vehicles do not have enough time to slow down or stop and consequently hit the bumpers of the cars in front of them. Rear impacts usually cause whiplash injuries and extremely severe accidents can eve cause spinal cord paralysis.
  • Side Impact Collisions (t-bone)
    • Side impact collisions most commonly occur at intersections where traffic crosses in front of other lanes. Most of the time a negligent driver runs a red light or stop sign, recklessly pulling out in front of on-coming traffic. These types of crashes can occur at high rates of speed and can cause an abundance of different injuries to both drivers involved in the crash. 
  • Single Vehicle Collisions
    • Single-vehicle crashes are common among young and inexperienced drivers. These types of crashes usually only include your vehicle, and sometimes a stationary object. For example, reckless driving can result in running the car off the road, spinning out of control, flipping the car on a sharp turn, sliding on ice, or hitting stationary objects like a telephone pole. Any injury can occur from this type of accident, but a defective vehicle or design flaw can also cause harm to the driver and any passengers in the car. 
best Atlanta Auto Crash Injury LawyerVictims of any one of these crash scenarios are at risk for suffering from,
  1. Whiplash
  2. Broken Bones
  3. Concussion 
  4. Lacerations and Bruises
  5. Nerve or Soft-Tissue Damage
  6. Spinal Cord Paralysis
  7. Dislocations


What to Do Immediately After a Car Accident that Takes Place in Atlanta

Immediately after the crash, your first goal should be getting immediate medical care for yourself any passengers  and occupants of any other vehicles that were involved in the wreck..

Being the driver, you have an obligation to help any other driver or passengers that are believed to have sustained injuries. After alerting emergency medical personnel and the police department that there has been a car accident, you will need to speak with the drivers involved so you can exchange information such as names, phone numbers and the names of insurance providers.

To make sure your legal rights are protected, remember the following:

  1. Never assume responsibility for the accident, even if you believe you may be in the wrong. For instance, saying things like, “I didn’t see you” or something as innocuous as saying, "Wow, you came out of nowhere" can result in an insurance company claiming you were driving recklessly. This can be used later by the other driver who is actually at fault to incriminate you for the entirety of the accident. Then,  you  may be held liable for the crash you will not be able to recover compensation.
  2. Take multiple pictures of all vehicles involved in the collision. This includes taking pictures of obstructions in the roadway, the weather at the time of the wreck, street signs, stop lights/stop signs, and the state of every car involved in the incident. Do this as quickly as possible!
  3. Talk to all eyewitnesses. Gather the contact information of credible witnesses which can later provide relevant testimony for your case. Do not concern yourself with whether what they have to say will be in your behalf or against you. Later, your Atlanta car wreck lawyer will closely examine what they had to say and whether it can help your case.
  4. Record the events that happened. It is important to write things down in exacting detail that you remember from the collision. As traumatic as an accident may be, the exact details tend to slip from memory rapidly Also, you will want to make several copies of your notes for your attorney and the insurance companies.
  5. Call your insurance provider. You’ll want to let your insurance provider know that the accident occurred at this point and you will need a claim established. Important NoteThey may try and pressure you into a settlement at this time. Let them know that the accident is still under investigation.
  6. Speak to an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney about the details of the crash. Now is the right time to speak to a skilled personal injury lawyer at The Roth Firm regarding your legal options. If you feel that the accident was caused by the other driver or that your settlement offer may be unfair.

Are You Entitled to Compensation for your Losses, Pain, and Suffering?

Individuals involved in car accidents usually only receive compensation for their damaged or totaled vehicle with the help of their insurance companies. Our car accident lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia can help innocent victims claim much more than that.

Victims of car accidents often suffer from physical injuries as well as mental stressors from medical bills and wages lost due to being injured and unable to work.

 So, on top of potentially being seriously injured, our attorneys do not want you to stress over missing work, losing money, and therefore not get the medical attention you need. Our experienced car accident injury attorneys in Atlanta, Ga can help you focus on your recovery while we fight for your deserved compensation.

Unrepresented accident victims almost never recover the compensation they deserve for their pain and suffering. If you did not cause the accident, contact The Roth Firm so we can help you obtain the settlement you need to fully recover stress-free.

How to Prove the At-Fault Driver Was Negligent

If another driver caused your motor vehicle accident, it would be the responsibility of your attorney to build a strong case against the at-fault driver.Atlanta Attorney Helping a Client with a Car Accident Case

With your cooperation, your attorney will gather evidence about the accident, and This evidence needs to thoroughly prove, without a doubt, that the other driver was negligent or reckless in the operation of their vehicle, and therefore are directly responsible for the injuries and damages you suffered.

The term negligence refers to a driver's failure to meet the standard level of responsibility and cautious behavior when operating a motor vehicle. This can include paying proper attention while driving to ensure the safety of others. This is an extremely important point, especially in recent years as the increased use of technology is on the rise, and there are more distracted drivers on the road.


Identifying Distracted Driving is the key to winning your Atlanta, Georgia Car Accident Injury Case.

Your attorney will look for the following types of negligent driving to help prove your case:

  1. eating or drinking 
  2. using the car’s radio or other media player
  3. texting or talking on the phone 
  4. programming or following a GPS

If you have suffered an injury in a car accident, you may have been the victim of a distracted driver. Let Atlanta, Georgia's best car crash attorney, begin a detailed investigation to identify if the negligent behavior is responsible for your accident and subsequent injuries.

We can help innocent victims file a lawsuit against the at-fault party and receive damages for their pain and suffering.

Best Car Accident Injury Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

Hiring an Experienced Atlanta Car Crash Lawyer Can Benefit Your Case

Hiring an experienced Atlanta, Ga Car Accident Injury Attorney will give your case an advantage.

Your lawyer will review the information that was obtained during the accident investigation process and use it to file a lawsuit. 

In your claim, your attorney will include the following for steps,

  1. The Negligent Driver's Behavior 
  2. Damages
  3. Compensation Request 
  4. Injuries Suffered

This claim will be used as support to hopefully receive a just settlement for your losses and settle out of court. Your attorney will mediate on your behalf for your appropriate settlement. If a settlement is unable to be reached, your attorney will prepare your case for trial.

Your case will only advance to trial if negotiations with the insurance company are unsuccessful. Once taken to trial, it will be up to a judge or jury to determine the level of compensation you are eligible to receive. 

Please remember, we advise all victims of car accident injuries only to reveal case information to a trusted attorney.

Releasing valuable case information to the wrong party could compromise your case and cost you your just compensation.

Let our law firm help you obtain the money you deserve! If you or a loved one needs representation after a car accident in Atlanta, Georgia, click on the button below for a Free Case Evaluation with one of our experienced Atlanta Automobile Accident Attorneys! 


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