Pedestrian taking a run on a road

Dangers for Pedestrians

Life-altering consequences can happen anytime anyone is out on the road — whether driving, walking, or otherwise. Pedestrians, in particular, need to take several precautions when it comes to being on the road — not only for inattentive drivers but also for the location where they’re traveling.

Below, The Roth Firm, LLC breaks down two of the most common pedestrian dangers.

Urban Roadways

Urban streets tend to be congested with large amounts of motor vehicle traffic, often traveling at high speeds or making sudden turns without warning. Pedestrians who choose to walk on urban roadways are especially susceptible for these reasons.

Lack of Sidewalks and Crosswalks

Many urban roadways lack sidewalks, which forces pedestrians to walk in the street and puts them at risk of getting hit by a car. Even when sidewalks are present, they may not provide a safe route between two points due to sparsely spaced crosswalks or missing traffic signals.

Fast-Moving Traffic

Urban roadways often have higher speed limits, making it difficult for drivers to react quickly and avoid hitting pedestrians. Furthermore, if a pedestrian is hit by a car moving at faster speeds, the potential for severe injury or death is much higher than if they were hit by a vehicle moving at slower speeds. Additionally, due to the increased speed, drivers may not have enough time to stop and may end up striking pedestrians in blind spots or crossing the street without looking. All these factors make fast-moving traffic especially dangerous for pedestrians.


Drivers in urban areas are more likely to be distracted by their phones or other technology, which can lead to them not noticing people crossing the street. This is especially dangerous in areas with a lot of vehicle traffic.

Walking at Night

Walking on a roadway at night can be especially dangerous for pedestrians due to decreased visibility. Motorists may not be able to see a pedestrian if they are walking in the dark, making it difficult for drivers to slow down or react in time.

Poor lighting and shadows along the side of the road also make it difficult for drivers to spot pedestrians early, increasing the risk of a collision. Additionally, roadways filled with traffic and fast-moving vehicles can be intimidating for pedestrians to cross, especially if they are unfamiliar with the area.

Drivers may also be distracted or impaired due to alcohol or other substances, making them less likely to see a pedestrian and potentially leading to fatal consequences on the roads.

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