Woman wearing a reflective jacket walking at night

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Whether it’s crossing the street, getting off of public transit, or navigating busy walkways and intersections, we invariably must share our spaces with cars, trucks, and other vehicles. The risks to pedestrians can be daunting, but they shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the outdoors.

The team at The Roth Firm, LLC shares the safety tips to keep in mind before you begin your walk.

Stay in Well-Lit Areas

When it comes to staying safe while walking, one of the best things you can do is walk in well-lit areas. This means avoiding walking in dark, secluded areas and, instead, sticking to well-lit streets and sidewalks so others, especially drivers, can see you.

Wear Reflective Clothing

There are a few different types of reflective clothing you can wear. One option is to wear a jacket or vest that is specifically designed for reflectivity. These items have bright colors and reflective patches or stripes that will make you visible from a distance.

Another option is to wear clothes that already have some reflective properties. For example, denim jeans or a dark shirt will have some reflectivity but may not be as visible as a jacket or vest. If you choose to wear dark clothes, consider adding reflective tape or stickers to your clothing to make yourself more visible.

If You Are Injured, Seek Help Immediately

Despite taking necessary precautions, accidents can still happen. If you are injured after an accident, it is essential to seek medical attention immediately. If possible, collecting evidence, gathering eyewitness testimony, and taking photographs of the accident scene will also be beneficial for your situation. Additionally, contacting an experienced personal injury attorney is crucial.

After a pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. The attorneys at The Roth Firm, LLC can help you get the money you need to cover your costs and move on with your life. Read what past clients have to say about our work and contact us so we can work on your case. (404) 777-4899