Man driving with a marijuana joint in his hand

Which is Worse — Being High or Drunk Behind the Wheel?

Anytime someone chooses to get behind the wheel while impaired is a dangerous decision. Some drivers may assume that driving while high is not as threatening as driving drunk. However, that is typically not the case.

Signs of a High Driver

When someone is high and driving, they exhibit similar uncontrollable behavior as someone who is drunk. There are some key differences, though.

  • Driving Too Slow: High drivers tend to drive slower than drunk drivers. Unlike drunk drivers, high drivers are aware that they are under the influence and tend to be overly cautious with their driving. This can lead to a high driver going well below the speed limit or taking a slow time to make turns.
  • Jerky Motions: This can also be a sign of a drunk driver. When a driver moves their vehicle in a quick, erratic motion, it can signal that they are impaired.
  • Joint in Hand: If a driver has a joint in their hand, it can be a clear sign that they were smoking while behind the wheel. A driver may try to make an excuse that they were holding it for someone else in the vehicle, but it is ultimately up to law enforcement to decide about that.

It will be up to officers to determine any criminal charges connected to an accident involving a high driver. At the same time, a personal injury attorney can help you recover damages for your injuries.

How Law Enforcement’s Case Can Help Your Personal Injury Case

After speaking with a personal injury attorney, they can work with law enforcement to see how the driver’s criminal charges can help your case. There’s no reason for you to take this task on alone.

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