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Marijuana Use and Personal Injury Cases - What You Need to Know

Currently, marijuana is illegal in Georgia, while in Tennessee, it’s allowed to be cultivated as long as it contains less than .3% of THC. However, these laws don’t stop some drivers from smoking or ingesting marijuana before getting behind the wheel.

Getting high and then driving can lead to as serious consequences as someone who is drunk and chooses to drive. While many rules and regulations outline what happens after a drunk driver causes an accident, it’s not as widely talked about high drivers causing crashes.

Negligence by High Drivers

When a driver is high, they put themselves and other drivers at risk. This means a driver is negligent and not providing a duty of care when they’re behind the wheel. Law enforcement will handle the criminal charges connected to this negligence, and a driver may face similar charges as a drunk driver.

If a high driver injured you, let law enforcement focus on the criminal case and find a personal injury attorney to help you recover damages.

Elements of Negligence

When proving negligence in a personal injury case, you must first show that the accused did not provide a reasonable duty of care and how the accused failed in that duty. The last step is proving that the accused’s negligence directly resulted in your injury or injuries.

For vehicle accidents, in particular, proving failure to provide a duty of care can look like:

  • Eyewitnesses or video evidence of the driver violating one or multiple traffic laws;
  • Your own testimony of the incident; and,
  • Examining the accident scene including damage to vehicles.

Injured by a High Driver?

Whether a driver was high or was exhibiting a different form of negligence, it is critical to have a personal injury attorney representing your bests interests. If a negligent driver injured you, the dedicated and experienced personal injury team at The Roth Firm, LLC is ready to help you. We will hold negligent parties responsible and do everything to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us online or by phone to schedule a free consultation. (404) 777-4899