A doctor looking over a brain scan

TBIs and Motorcycle Accidents

The consequences could be extremely severe or even deadly if a motorcycle driver is injured on the road. Motorcyclists, in particular, are susceptible to TBIs — traumatic brain injuries.

What is a TBI?

There are two types of TBI: open and closed. An open TBI occurs when an object pierces the skull and enters the brain. A closed TBI occurs when the head suddenly moves back and forth or when an object strikes the head without piercing it.

TBI can cause many short- or long-term problems that may affect thinking, sensation, language, or emotion. It can also lead to seizures, sleep problems, and mood swings. TBI can cause problems with:

  • Thinking (memory, reasoning, judgment, and perception)
  • Sensation (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell)
  • Language (communication, understanding, and reading)
  • Emotion (personality changes, depression, anxiety, aggression, acting out)

TBI can range from mild to severe. A mild TBI may cause a brief change in mental status or consciousness whereas a severe TBI can result in extended periods of unconsciousness or amnesia after the injury. It can also cause long-term disability or death.

What Factors Impact the Severity of a TBI?

Several factors can contribute to the severity of a TBI, including:

  • The type of object that hit the motorcyclist’s head;
  • The speed and force with which the object hit the motorcyclist;
  • The angle at which the object hit the head; and,
  • If the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet or not.

TBI Statistics

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1.5 million Americans yearly suffer a TBI. Of those injuries:

  • 230,000 individuals are hospitalized and survive;
  • 50,000 individuals die; and,
  • 80,000-90,000 individuals suffer from long-term disabilities.

Additionally, TBI contributes to 30% of all injury-related deaths in the United States.

Did You Get a TBI While on a Motorcycle?

If you suffered a TBI because of a motorcycle accident, you have every right to seek financial compensation for your injuries. The Georgia and Tennessee attorneys at The Roth Firm, LLC will review your situation and outline the best possible solution so you can get back to living your life. Contact our experienced personal injury attorneys online or by phone. (404) 777-4899