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I Was Injured In a Road Construction Crash - Who’s At Fault?

Road construction is an unavoidable necessity, especially during the warmer months. However, a construction zone can also be one of the most dangerous stretches of the road due to more vehicles in the area and workers on the roadway.

So if you get into an accident while in a construction zone, who’s at fault? If you know you’re not at fault for the accident, here is who could be liable:

The Construction Company

Before beginning work on any roadway, the construction company must make sure the area is not only safe for its workers but also for drivers who pass by. This includes proper signage, keeping construction equipment off the road, and making sure all detours are safe. If any of these conditions are not met and an accident occurs, the construction company could be blamed for negligence.

The construction company could also be held liable for negligence if they didn’t keep the road they were working on safe for other drivers. For example, if they left debris or other items on the roadway that caused an accident, the construction company and/or the construction employee could have a claim against them.

The City

If the accident happens on a public city road, a driver could hold the city liable for the accident. This could be because the road was not properly designed or had other defects such as potholes or erosion. Not having the proper barriers or guardrails in place could also make the roadway unsafe and potentially lead to an injury accident.

Manufacturer Liability

If the construction company is using equipment that is defective or malfunctioning, and that equipment led to the road becoming unsafe for drivers, then drivers could file a lawsuit. An example of this is if a malfunctioning piece of equipment accidentally goes past barriers and goes into oncoming traffic, that could lead to a lawsuit against a product manufacturer.

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