What is a Collision Reconstructionist and How do these Specialists Affect my Case?

by The Roth Firm on Jan 24, 2019 2:37:03 PM

When a car accident occurs, any of the parties involved may hire an accident reconstructionist if they desire. If the motor vehicle accident is serious or fatal, and if severe injuries occur, the first responder may be the one to...

Airplane Turbulence Injuries in Georgia and Tennessee. Who's At Fault?

by The Roth Firm on Dec 27, 2018 11:55:05 AM

Commercial air travel has become the norm.

In one moment we can be in sipping coffee in Nashville, and several hours later we can be on a beach in Thailand.

The world is smaller than it's ever been, and we have access to the entire...

What's A Medical Lien, And How Do They Work in Georgia and Tennessee?

by The Roth Firm on Dec 21, 2018 12:10:54 PM

Being involved in an Auto Accident in Georgia or Tennessee is something that no one wants to have to handle.

There are hundreds of things to worry about, and the situation can quickly become stressful and overwhelming.


How To Get What You Deserve After A Hit And Run Accident in Georgia | Tennessee

by The Roth Firm on Dec 11, 2018 10:38:53 AM

You might not consciously acknowledge it, but every time you hop in your car to leave, you accept the fact that there's a chance, even if it is a minuscule chance, that you'll get in a car accident.

Maybe you've already been...

What Should I Look For When Hiring An Accident Attorney After A Car Crash in Georgia | Tennessee?

by The Roth Firm on Dec 5, 2018 9:55:12 AM

If you were recently involved in a Car Accident in Georgia or Tennessee that was caused by someone else's careless or negligent driving, hiring an experienced Personal Injury Attorney is your best chance at receiving the benefits...

Weather Conditions Caused my Accident, In Georgia | Tennessee Who is at Fault?

by The Roth Firm on Nov 26, 2018 1:04:08 PM

Weather-Related Car Accidents are a year-round occurrence in Georgia and Tennessee. Rain, snow, ice, sleet, and even fog can be contributing factors to a motor vehicle accident. 

Many people who are involved in an accident during...

How To Get Help With Your Medical Bills After An Auto Accident in Atlanta

by The Roth Firm on Nov 20, 2018 4:56:37 PM

It happened. 

You were going about your normal routine. The same thing you do every single day.

You get up, get ready, and you're off to work.

However, this day was different.

You were almost to work, driving through the last...

How Many Hours are Truck Drivers Legally Allowed to Drive in Georgia and Tennessee?

by The Roth Firm on Nov 14, 2018 9:46:58 AM

Understanding Truck Driver's Working Hours 

Were you recently involved in a Truck Accident that was not your fault?

Are you concerned that maybe the driver who caused your accident was not following Truck Driving rules and...

You Were Just In An Uber Accident...Now What?

by The Roth Firm on Oct 30, 2018 10:37:29 AM

What Happens When An Uber Driver Gets In An Accident in GA or TN?

Uber has become a massive part of everyday life for many people.

So what happens when an Uber driver is involved in an accident?

Questions Answered About the Length of a Personal Injury Claim in Georgia | Tennessee

by The Roth Firm on Oct 26, 2018 2:58:08 PM

If you were involved in a Personal Injury Accident in Tennessee or Georgia, you probably have a lot of questions. However, one of the most common questions that accident victims have has to do with the length of time it will take...

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