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Did you search for a Car Accident Attorney Near Me? You have come to the right place!

The Roth Firm Personal Injury Attorneys have the experience needed to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Near Me

Car Accidents occur every single day throughout the state of Georgia, leaving thousands of people injured and in need of an experienced attorney to fight for their legal right to compensation and to ensure they are not taken advantage of by insurance companies. 

When someone is involved in a car wreck that is caused by negligent driving, whether it is intentional or careless acts, the at-fault party needs to be held accountable for their actions.

The lawyers at The Roth Firm have what it takes to handle complicated motor vehicle accident lawsuits and help the injured obtain the benefits they deserve for their losses.  

Car Accidents can drastically change a victim's life, including their physical, emotional, and financial well-being. Nobody should have to handle all the unwanted stress alone. Our attorneys are dedicated to representing victims of car accident injuries during this stressful time. 

Our expert team of Georgia Attorneys specialize in handling car collision cases. We know that being injured in an accident that was not your fault may bring up questions regarding your legal rights. With the help of a Personal Injury Attorney, you will be able to receive maximum compensation for your losses. 

If you are the victim of a car accident let the attorneys at The Roth Firm handle your case. We provide a free consultation to see how we can best assist with your needs. If you were looking for a "Car Accident Attorney Near Me," click on the link below now. 

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Common Car Accident Collisions and Injuries 

Depending on the type and severity of the car crash that you are involved in, you may suffer from any number of various injuries. The most common car accidents that result in injury include: 

  • Rear End Collisions
    • Rear-end collisions occur when a driver is following too closely behind another vehicle. These types of accidents can also happen when traffic stops too abruptly, and the following vehicles do not have sufficient time to slow down or stop and consequently hit the bumpers of the cars in front of them. Rear end impacts will usually cause whiplash injuries, however in an extremely severe accident it may even cause spinal cord paralysis.
  • Single Vehicle Collisions
    • Single-vehicle wrecks are the most common among inexperienced and young drivers. These types of accidents usually only include the vehicle of the driver, and sometimes a stationary object. For example, reckless driving can result in spinning out of control, running your car off the road, hitting stationary objects such as a telephone pole, sliding on ice, or flipping the car on a sharAutomobile Accident Lawyer Near Me p turn. Any injury can occur from this type of crash, but a design flaw or defective vehicle can also cause harm to the driver and any passengers that are involved.
  • Side Impact Collisions (t-bone)
    • Side impact collisions will usually take place at an intersection where traffic crosses in front of other lanes. Most of the time a negligent driver runs a stop sign, red light, or recklessly pulls out in front of on-coming traffic. These types of accidents can occur at high speeds and cause a variety of different injuries. 
Victims of these motor vehicle accidents may suffer from: 
  • Broken Bones
  • Whiplash
  • Dislocations 
  • Spinal Cord Paralysis
  • Nerve or Soft-Tissue Damage
  • Concussion 
  • Lacerations and Bruises
  • Traumatic Brain Injury 

Compensation for your Losses, Pain, and Suffering

When a car accident occurs, the individual who did not cause the wreck is usually only compensated for the damages that occurred to their vehicle. However, this is not always the only expenses that need covered, With the help of our Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney, you may be able to receive much more in compensation. 

The victims of car accidents can potentially suffer from physical injuries, mental stress, expensive medical bills, and lost wages. When these types of accidents occur it is not fair for the victim to only be compensated for the damaged car when the accident was not their fault to begin with. When you hire an attorney to handle your case, it is their job to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve for everything that you lost. Our attorney focus on recovering your losses while you focus on your recovery. . 

When you are involved in a car accident and do not obtain legal representation, it is nearly impossible to obtain the compensation that you actually deserve for your pain and suffering. If you were not the cause of your accident, contact The Roth Firm for legal representation so you can recover what is owed to you, stress-free. 

How Can You Prove Driver Negligence? 

When another driver is at-fault for your car accident, it will be up to your personal injury attorney to build a strong legal case against the negligent driver. Your lawyer will need to gather the necessary evidence to prove that without a doubt, the other driver was the cause of the accident, and therefore they are responsible for the damages and injuries that you suffered. 

When negligent driving occurs, it refers to the driver's failure to meet the acceptable standard level of responsibility when operating a vehicle. This includes paying the proper amount of attention while driving to ensure the safety of the other drivers on the road. With the increased use in technology throughout recent years, the amount of distracted drivers on the road has increased substantially. 

Identifying and proving distracted driving is crucial to winning your Car Accident Injury Case.Car Accident Attorney Near Me

Your attorney will look for the following types of distracted driving to help your lawsuit:

  • talking on the phone
  • programming a GPS
  • eating or drinking 
  • changing the radio station  
  • texting and driving 

If you suffered an injury in a car accident, you may be the victim of distracted driving.

Let our car accident attorneys begin an investigation into your crash so we can identify the negligent behavior that led you to suffer. Our lawyers will fight for your legal rights and help you receive the compensation that you deserve.

Contact a Car Accident Injury Attorney Near You

With the help of a Car Accident Injury Attorney, you will have an advantage over the negligent driver who caused your collision. Your lawyer will review the information that was gathered during their investigation process and use it to file your claim against the at-fault party.  

Your motor vehicle accident injury claim will include

  • Injuries
  • Damages
  • The Negligent Driver's Behavior 
  • Compensation Request 

Your claim will be used to as support during the settlement process. Your attorney will mediate on your behalf for a settlement that is
appropriate for your losses. If an agreement is unable to be reached, your case will proceed to trial. 

Your case will only go to trial when negotiations with the negligent party's insurance company are unsuccessful. Once taken to trial, it will then be up to a judge and jury to determine the amount of compensation that you deserve. 

It is critical to remember, all victims of car accident injuries should only speak with their trusted lawyer. You do not want to release valuable information regarding your case to the wrong party, your case could be compromised. 

If you were
 involved in a Car Accident and believe it was caused by the other driver's negligence, let our trusted Georgia Attorneys help you. If you searched for a Car Accident Attorney Near Me, click on the link below now to schedule your free consultation with The Roth Firm

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