You Need To Act Quickly After A Semi-Truck Accident For These Three Reasons:

  • To Preserve Evidence
  • To Preserve The Facts
  • To Never Miss A Deadline

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Why You Should Act Quickly After A Semi-Truck Accident

Posted by The Roth Firm on Oct 1, 2019 1:45:00 PM

No one wants to be involved in a car accident.

Aside from the obvious reasons, like injury and the loss of your car, there are hundreds of other things you have to worry about after being in a car accident.

If you're involved in a semi-truck accident, though, your worries are intensified.

When you're involved in a semi-truck accident, the first thing you need to do is realize that it can't be treated like any other car accident,

In a semi-truck accident, you need to act fast to investigate and document what happened during the crash.

The trucking company and their skilled insurance adjusters and investigators will act quickly to get to the scene, secure, their evidence, and paint a picture that is favorable for their driver.

If you don't do the same, or you don't have an experienced attorney doing it for you, you'll have an uphill battle.

In the article below, we will discuss the three main reasons why you need to act fast after an accident involving a semi-truck.

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Preserving evidence is key when it comes to your semi-truck accident

1. Preserve Evidence

After an accident with a semi-truck, you must act quickly to protect your rights.

Most trucking companies have insurance policies worth millions, so they employ only the best and brightest insurance adjusters and investigators to handle the case.

The adjusters and investigators begin their work immediately, and will often appear at the scene of the accident within hours to start gathering evidence that can be used in their defense.

It's not unheard of for trucking company investigators to show up the crash scenes even before the law enforcement investigators.

If that were to happen, the trucking company holds a serious advantage over you when it comes to proving innocence.

The investigators are knowledgeable and incredibly skilled and can employ a diverse set of tactics and tricks to minimize the damage done by the semi-truck.

Their goal, whether fair or not, is to shift the blame of the accident to the other party, making it look like they were responsible for the accident and not the truck driver.

Their only job is to reduce the liability of the trucking company and prevent the insurance company from being responsible for medical bills, lost wages, etc.

Your attorneys should act just as quickly to get witness statements from other drivers, to the truck driver, bystanders, and even from law enforcement.

Everyone else will continue on with their life, and their recollection of the accident will slowly fade. If you don't act quickly, key witnesses could be lost.

You should also take a quick look at the semi-truck itself, paying close attention to the mechanical condition of the rig.

Check to see if a lack of maintenance, product defects, or other mechanical problems contributed to the crash.

Once they get the truck repaired, all of that information is lost,

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2. Preserve The Facts

Since the investigators for the trucking company will arrive at the scene soon after the accident, you must have an attorney working for you that will do the same.

You need to do everything in your power to ensure that the facts surrounding the accident are preserved.

Failing to get started quickly, or having an attorney working in your corner, can lead to inaccuracies in accident reports.

Those inaccuracies can lead to important facts getting skewed so the injured party looks like they contributed to the accident.

There are even documented occasions where trucking company investigators have claimed to be "witnesses" to law enforcement.

They provided statements to the investigating officer that the injured person was actually the one to blame for the accident.

If their statements make it to the accident report, it's crucial that you have a skilled attorney on your side to correct the record an ensure that the investigation is accurate.

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3. Don't Miss A Deadline

Most states will have a statute of limitation that applies to injury claims.

This means you have a limited amount of time where you can seek compensation for your damages, such as medical bills, lost wages, etc.

Since many trucking accidents are also subject to federal law, the statute of limitations might be much shorter than usual.

Waiting too long to bring your claim could mean you never get the compensation you deserve to get your life back on track.

A return to normalcy might feel impossible, so it's important that you act as soon as possible.

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