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What Should I Do After a Truck Accident?

Being in a truck accident can be a terrifying experience; things happen so quickly that it's often difficult to know your next steps. The team at The Roth Firm, LLC shares the best courses of action following a truck accident — from documenting evidence at the scene, gathering basic information, filing insurance claims, to consulting with attorneys.

Understand Your Rights as a Victim of A Truck Accident

Being a victim in a truck accident can be a traumatizing and overwhelming experience. It is essential to understand that you have rights as an injured truck accident victim.

The first step to understanding these rights is knowing what steps must be taken soon after an accident:

  • Never admit fault;
  • Seek medical attention;
  • Call law enforcement to file a report; and,
  • Take photos or video of the accident scene.

Remain Calm and Do Not Take the Blame for the Accident

In the most challenging times, such as after an accident, it is important to remain calm and not accept any blame for what has happened. It is best to seek medical attention if you are injured and focus on your recovery rather than trying to determine who was to blame for the incident.

Immediately Call Law Enforcement

Immediately following a car accident, calling law enforcement is a crucial step. Not only does contacting authorities provide you with an official record of the incident, but it can also help document any necessary details or evidence that could affect your legal rights or insurance claims.

Additionally, having law enforcement officers on hand to advise and mediate conversations between drivers involved in the collision is best to help you avoid taking any blame for the incident.

Take Pictures of the Scene and Collect Evidence

Recording evidence and capturing video of the scene can be significant in the event of an accident. Taking photographs or videos at the time of the incident is a simple way to preserve any clues that could make a huge difference in potential legal proceedings.

If you were injured in the crash, document your medical treatment, such as doctor's notes and hospital records, as these serve as valuable evidence. All this information can help support your case.

Ready to Get Justice?

If you need legal assistance after an accident, The Roth Firm, LLC is the best option for your situation. We have extensive experience in various legal matters, including car accidents, bicycle accidents, and truck accidents. Our lawyers will take their time to understand and guide you through your situation. Not only that but with the knowledge and expertise of our team, you can rest assured that your case is being handled competently and with care.

From beginning to end, you can trust that when it comes to recommending a course of action and defending your rights, The Roth Firm, LLC will prioritize your needs. Reach out online or by phone so we can help you today! (404) 777-4899