Several semis traveling along a highway

Are Semi-Trucks Allowed in the Left Lane?

You’re driving along the highway in the left passing lane and you can’t seem to pass the vehicle to your right because a semi-truck is in front of you. While at the moment, you are frustrated by the inconvenience, it’s also important to recognize that a semi consistently staying in the left lane, more than a few moments to pass, is illegal.

Georgia and Tennessee Legislation

There are laws regulating which lanes semi-trucks are allowed to drive in on multi-lane roadways in Georgia and Tennessee. For Georgia, that is outlined in Code § 40-6-52, and in Tennessee, that is outlined Code Ann. § 55-8-117.

A synopsis of both laws states that larger vehicles, such as semi-trucks, are only permitted to be in the left lane of a highway if they are passing another vehicle. Otherwise, semi-truck drivers must drive in lanes that are to the right.

Why This Legislation is in Place

As drivers know, it can be irritating being behind another vehicle that is going slower than the speed limit or the pace of traffic. That is one reason for multiple-lane roadways - so vehicles can safely pass another vehicle.

Semi-truck drivers may have the best intentions by staying in the left lane. That’s because they feel they may be burdensome by staying in the far right lane when other drivers are getting on and off the interstate.

Another critical reason for this legislation is to avoid serious traffic accidents. Many crashes on interstates are caused by drivers changing lanes or their speed unexpectedly. Semi-trucks are typically the largest vehicle on the road, so drivers need additional time and space to pass a slower vehicle. By avoiding the left lane, semi-truck drivers are being cautious and putting themselves and other drivers at the least risk for an accident.

Injured in an Accident with a Semi-Truck?

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