Female driver holding out her cellphone while driving

Is Distracted Driving on the Rise?

With the advancement of on-the-go technology, it’s no surprise that distracted driving has increased as technology has evolved. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that in 2019, more than 3,100 lives were lost due to distracted driving.

Furthermore, the National Safety Council found that despite decreased traffic in 2020 due to the pandemic, traffic deaths increased by 8% from 2019, the highest percentage increase in a single year in more than ten years.

This evidence proves that, yes, distracted driving is on the rise. But why has there been a sudden increase?

Reasons for an Increase in Distracted Driving

The company Travelers Insurance discovered that a reason for this recent increase could be because people have the need to feel connected (more so to work obligations) all the time, especially because they are in a remote setting. Therefore, if someone is running an errand even during their lunch break, but while driving notices an email from work comes in, the driver may pay more attention to their technology rather than the road. This can lead to more distracted drivers on the road even if those drivers are using hands-free technology to communicate.

Additionally, many drivers have cited that they feel the roads are safer now than before the pandemic because there are fewer drivers on the road. With many individuals working from home, the morning and evening commute has not been as crowded as it once was prior to the pandemic. This reality has led some drivers to believe that they don’t need to focus their attention on the roads as much as before, leading to more distracted driving.

Beware of Distracted Driving

Because distracted driving is on the rise, drivers need to be more defensive than ever before to avoid getting into an accident. Unfortunately, not all accidents can be avoided despite a driver trying their best to avoid getting hit.

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