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Tips for Finding a Personal Injury Attorney

When someone has been injured and is looking to file a claim, they’ll need an excellent attorney by their side. But what qualities, in particular, should they look for?

What Is Your Criteria?

Some people want to put the most emphasis on experience. Others may want a lawyer who specializes only in one particular area. No matter what your non-negotiables are, make a list that way you can narrow down the right attorney for you.

Ask for Personal Experience

Having a personal recommendation is one of the most rewarding experiences for a lawyer. When looking for a personal injury attorney, ask family and friends if they have an attorney they would recommend and on the other side, any attorneys they wouldn’t recommend. You know your family and friends the best so if they have a recommendation on who to use or not use, you can take that information to heart.

Fee Structure

No lawyer can guarantee that you’ll win a case, but they will certainly try their best to and you are probably better off having an attorney throughout the legal process rather than handle the courts on your own. If your lawyer does win your case, usually as part of the other party’s fines they will cover the cost of your attorney.

It’s important to discuss with an attorney what happens in regards to payment whether they would win or lose the case that way you are not surprised by the final outcome.

The Roth Firm, LLC Difference

At The Roth Firm, LLC we only focus on personal injury cases. Our areas of expertise include cases involving car or truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, defective products, and more. With more than 15 years of experience in Georgia and Tennessee, our attorneys know what to look for so you can have the best outcome possible.

We go above and beyond for our clients and take their opinion of us seriously. Take a look at our reviews to see what former clients have to say about their experience with The Roth Firm, LLC.

We take the stress out of payments, too. With a free initial consultation, you are out nothing if you decide you don’t want to continue with us. Reach us 24/7 to get started on your case — fill out our online form or call us at (404) 777-4899.