Man driving fast down road

Warning Signs of a Drunk or High Driver

Someone driving drunk or under the influence of other drugs should not be behind the wheel at all. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes that drivers who drive even with one drink in their system are more likely to get into an accident compared to sober drivers and in one study, 56% of drivers who were involved in a serious or fatal crash tested positive for one drug in their system during a four-month period of time.

Since drivers can only do their best to protect themselves and their passengers from those who choose to drive drunk or under the influence of drugs, it’s essential to know the signs of someone who may be impaired on the road.

Quick Changes in Speed

Drivers who quickly accelerate and then promptly decelerate without any rhyme or reason could be impaired. In particular, drunk drivers could be unaware of how fast or slow they are going and then try to make up the difference by accelerating or decreasing their speed to get closer to the speed limit.

Going Below the Speed Limit

Compared to drunk drivers, drivers who are under the influence of drugs like marijuana could be more aware of their surroundings and try to concentrate too much while behind the wheel. This could cause the driver to go much slower than the posted speed limit.

Zig-Zagging In-Between Lanes

Due to their lack of cognitive ability because of drinking or getting high, drivers under the influence are more likely to zig-zag between lanes without any warning or cause to do so. We’ve all seen the drivers who speed between lanes as if they have an emergency to go to; drivers who are under the influence will instead zig-zag between the lanes and then sometimes overcorrect their mistake because they regain focus. If you see a driver zig-zagging in-between lanes, it could be a sign that they are impaired.

Driving Into Opposing Traffic

This is one of the most dangerous actions a driver under the influence could do but it is seen by law enforcement far too often. Drivers who are impaired may be so confused that they misinterpreted a lane they should have turned onto and ended up driving on the wrong side of the road or drifted so far from the marked lane that they ended up driving into opposing traffic. This is dangerous not only for the impaired driver but all other drivers in the opposing lanes as everyone tries to avoid the impaired driver which could lead to multiple accidents.

What to Do If You Suspect an Impaired Driver is On the Road

Anytime you suspect an impaired driver on the road it is best to call law enforcement right away. Officers would rather be called to an incident where a driver is sober and maybe is not driving correctly compared to letting an impaired driver stay on the road and potentially harm themselves or others.

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