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Pros and Cons of Rideshare Services

The night before Thanksgiving is known as one of the biggest drinking days of the calendar year. When going out for a night like this, or another night out, individuals or friends may opt to use a rideshare service. No matter the reason for using a rideshare service, there are benefits as well as some downsides.

Pros of Rideshare Services

  • Taking away your responsibility of driving: for many, using a rideshare service is an excellent alternative to driving. Especially if friends are looking to enjoy a night out that involves alcohol, they won’t have to worry about being intoxicated and driving. This is a smart decision to avoid someone potentially getting a DUI (driving under the influence) or, worse, injuring or killing someone while driving.
  • Easy-to-use services: ridesharing apps are convenient to use overall. It allows a customer to select their destination (they don’t even necessarily need to know the address ahead of time if they are traveling to a business that can be searched for in the app), select their time if they are looking to plan for a ride ahead of time, and pay the driver all within the app.
  • The services have created millions of jobs: many individuals who drive for a rideshare service use the income they make as supplemental income. This allows drivers to have a full-time job and then drive for a rideshare service when it’s convenient for them. Rideshare services do not schedule drivers to work at certain times so it is up to each driver how many hours and how often they want to work.

Cons of Rideshare Services

  • Drivers often earn below minimum wage: this has led to some drivers deciding it’s not worth the cost and mileage on their vehicles. The result has been not having enough drivers available during all hours of the day. For those going out and drinking and unable to find a rideshare driver, it could lead an intoxicated person to get behind the wheel instead which could have devastating consequences.
  • Background checks for drivers: there are not as many regulations and requirements for someone to become a rideshare driver compared to other professionally trained drivers. Since rideshare drivers are contractors of the rideshare company, if an issue arises it is usually on the driver, rather than the rideshare company, who is held accountable.
  • Keeping passengers safe: it can sometimes be difficult to keep passengers safe as they won’t know if their driver has a criminal record or is an assertive driver. Additionally, people may try to cash in on those looking for a rideshare company by being around bars, concerts, and more and offering rides for cash. This can be extremely dangerous as riders would have no company to trace the driver back to.

If you’re riding in a vehicle that someone else is driving, you have no control of a potential accident happening. While you would hope by being with a rideshare driver you would be safe, accidents can happen out of nowhere. If you were injured in an accident while using a rideshare service, you have options. The attorneys at The Roth Firm, LLC know the laws surrounding rideshare services and will work with you to get the best possible outcome. We are available 24/7 — reach out to our team today using our online form or calling (404) 777-4899.