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When to Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Before anyone gets behind the wheel, they usually don’t envision getting into a car accident. The reality is, though, that while people don’t expect accidents to happen, they not only happen every day, but according to the National Highway Traffic Administration, they happen about once a minute.

That’s why if the worst happens and you’re not only in an accident, but you or a loved one become injured in the crash, you should consider getting an experienced lawyer to represent you.

Why Get a Lawyer?

Not every accident requires a lawyer to get involved. If you get into an accident where your vehicle is the only one involved, you most likely won’t need a lawyer. However, even if you’re the only vehicle involved in the accident, but you hit someone else’s property, it may be beneficial to get in touch with a lawyer.

In multi-vehicle accidents, lawyers are also not needed for every case. For minor fender benders or accidents where there is little damage done to both vehicles, you most likely won’t need a lawyer. Another example is if someone hits your vehicle with no one inside — in this scenario, you most likely wouldn’t need a lawyer.

When you or a loved one is hurt because of a crash, that’s when you especially want a lawyer by your side.

What Can a Lawyer Do For Me?

Lawyers are more than just someone who will represent you in the courtroom. When you hire a lawyer, you want someone who is going to be your advocate. Lawyers who personally get the time to know you, your situation, and how your life was changed because of the accident will be the best ones to represent you as they can empathize with your case.

Lawyers — especially those who personalize in personal injury accidents — know the laws of the road and how your rights were violated. If you find yourself having to go to court and don’t have a lawyer representing you, imagine the expertise you may be up against with the other party’s lawyer.

When it comes to the paperwork, especially involving the courts and insurance companies, your lawyer can do it all for you. They know the ins and outs of personal injury claims because they work with these types of cases on a daily basis. They also have experience gathering necessary evidence for your claim, such as police reports, witness statements, employment and lost wage information, and medical records and bills. All of these are crucial elements to make sure you’re getting properly compensated for the accident.

Another important aspect of having an attorney is if you need a settlement demand letter for the insurance company. This letter lays out to the insurance company the details of the accident, the resulting medical treatment, if there was any, and an amount for the injury settlement claim that you feel would be adequate. If you have to draft this letter on your own, your insurance company may not take you seriously. Having a lawyer draw up this letter allows the insurance company to seriously consider the claim and then negotiate with your lawyer for a settlement.

If even after working with your lawyer and the insurance company and there isn’t a settlement reached, your lawyer can then begin the paperwork to start a court case. This way, you’re not having to deal with the other party’s defense team on your own, and you can trust your lawyer to fight for you.

What About the Cost?

Many may hesitate to get a lawyer because they’re afraid it will cost too much money. In a lot of situations, that’s simply not the case. Usually, when you hire a lawyer for a personal injury claim, they will factor in their cost as part of your settlement. This way, you’re not having to worry about having to dig deeper into your own pocket to pay for your lawyer. Even if you’re unsure hiring a lawyer would be in your best interest, many law offices offer a free consultation to review your case.

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