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8 Factors that Influence Compensation in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Knowing the Different Compensation Factors in Road Accidents

Road accidents happen every day.

These are accidents that occur involving at least one road vehicle, happen on an actual road in public circulation, and where at least one person is injured or killed.

When it comes to these different road accidents, we know that there can be a significant physical, psychological, and/or emotional impact on all the people involved.

If you recently found yourself a victim of someone else’s negligence in a road accident, The Roth Firm wants to help you.

Table Of Contents

  • Five Types Of Road Accidents
  • How Do You Know If You Can Make A Claim?
  • What Is Considered For Your Compensation?
  • The 8 Factors
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Why? Because you deserve to be compensated for these injuries and damages.

However, it is important to understand all the different factors that are taken into consideration based on the type of road accident that you experienced.

There Are 5 Different Types of Road Accidents.
  1. Pedestrian: Pedestrians are the least protected when it comes to road users. These accidents have the potential to be extremely serious and very traumatic.
  2. Bicycle: Damages due to bicycle accidents can leave riders with injuries and loss of their transportation.
  3. Motorcycle: Motorcycle riders often experience the most severe injuries when it comes to accidents because they are more exposed than car drivers while being able to go at the same speed.
  4. Passenger: Passengers are just as likely to suffer injuries due to a car accident as the driver. Therefore, they are just as likely to be able to receive compensation for their injuries.
  5. Car: The most common road accident, car accidents have the potential to leave drivers with injuries both minor or severe.

Accident claims are not limited to these 5 types of accidents. If you believe yourself to be a victim of a different type of road accident you may still be eligible for compensation.

So, how do you know if you are able to make a road traffic claim?

It’s simple.

There are only three requirements for filing an RTA, and they are: It had to have happened within the last three years, it had to have been someone else’s fault, and it had to have caused you an injury.

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What is Considered in Your Potential Compensation?

Every accident claim is different. So, there is no one-size-fits-all compensation package for the damages that the accident caused.

Therefore, there are different factors that insurance companies consider when it comes to each claim.

They include these 8 factors:

  1. Earning lost due to time off work because of injuries
  2. The future loss of income due to injuries
  3. Potential lasting effects of injuries on career prospects
  4. Any changes to your ability to work
  5. Travel costs that incurred due to treatment
  6. Any adaptations that you might have needed
  7. Pain and suffering damages
  8. Emotional distress damages

Get the Best Legal Representation

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We believe that you are entitled to the compensation you deserve from your accident.

Whether you were a pedestrian, cyclist, passenger, or driver, you deserve to be compensated for the injuries you got because of someone else.

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