How Much Time Do I Have to Hire an Attorney after a Wreck? 

Personal injury claims, including car accident claims, are subject to a statute of limitations. This statute of limitations limits the amount of time victims have to recover compensation after an accident.

After the statute of limitations passes, you can no longer secure a settlement. 

Georgia enforces a two-year statute of limitations that applies to all personal injury and wrongful death cases, including accidents that involve a car, motorcycle, or truck (O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33).

In personal injury cases, the two-year statute of limitations begins on the date of the car accident.

Two years may sound like a long time, but if you are recovering from serious injuries after your accident, time passes quickly.

The legal process can begin to feel overwhelming as the date of the accident gets further away. It is easy for accident victims to minimize their injuries or wonder if finding legal help is really worth the hassle.

To make sure you get the legal help you need to cover your accident expenses, contact an experienced car accident attorney right away after your accident.

If you contact an attorney right away, your claim will be formally filed and processed quickly.

If you wait until the last second, there may not be time to gather the documents and evidence necessary to file.

Working with a top-rated car accident attorney as soon as possible can give you an advantage during the settlement process.

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When is the Best Time to Lawyer Up After a Car Wreck?  

Time is everything after a car accident. The moment the at-fault party in your car wreck contacts his or her insurance company, a team of lawyers and adjusters will begin working against you, the victim.

The insurance company will try to contact you soon after the accident to discuss the details of the collision.

We recommend that you contact a car accident attorney as quickly as possible after the wreck to protect yourself against the at-fault party's insurance company.

Never give a statement to an insurance company without talking with your lawyer beforehand.

The insurance representative who contacts you will twist your words and manipulate you to reduce your settlement amount.

If you hire an attorney, he or she will handle the insurance company negotiations on your behalf. With a lawyer, you don't have to stress about falling into a trap, saying the wrong thing, or settling for less than your injuries and suffering deserve.

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