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 Defective Product Lawsuits serve the purpose of protecting consumers from products that are unsafe and can cause bodily harm.

If you or someone you know has been injured due to a defective product, hiring the right Nashville Product Liability Attorney is the first step if you want to protect your rights and receive compensation for your injuries.

The products that people use on a daily basis are usually produced in factories owned by giant corporations.

Unfortunately, some of these products end up having flaws in them that can seriously harm those that use them. When a company is liable for a defective product, they will usually try and push the blame elsewhere to avoid paying out damages.

The Roth Firm makes it their mission to protect the victims of defective product injuries and make sure the companies that made them are held responsible. Our team of attorneys has years of experience that gives them the ability to win their clients the largest settlement possible.

We devote our time to preparing a strong case and do not charge our clients legal fees unless we win their case.

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Common Types of Defective Product Liability Lawsuits 

Defective products cases are often the direct result of companies being more concerned with their profit margins than the quality of their product. This can lead to hundreds or even thousands of innocent victims being hurt in Tennessee every year. If you have been injured due to a defective product, then filing a product injury liability lawsuit is the first step in getting justice.

Product Liability refers to the company that produced the defective product being held accountable for the damage it causes.

The three main types of product liability lawsuits that the Roth Firm specializes in are Manufacturer Defects, Design Defects, and Failure to Provide Instructions or Warnings lawsuits.

Manufacturer Defects 

Manufacturer Defects are the result of a product being defective from a flaw in the manufacturing process. What makes a Manufacturer defect unique from other product liability cases is that the issue only occurs in a limited amount of products, not the entire product line.

Usually, the defect is the result of an error at the individual factory where the specific product was produced. If you think that a manufacturing defect was the cause of your injury, you should seek the legal counsel of an experienced personal injury lawyer

Design Defects

Need to file a product liability claim in NashvilleDefectively designed cases include any issues with the design of a product that has lead to it being dangerous or defective for customers to use.

Not to be confused with a manufacturing defect, a design defect involves an entire line of products having a flaw due to the way that they were designed/built.

IT is important to remember that Design defects refer to the product being used for its intended purpose and in the correct way.

Your attorney has the duty of proving a design defect was the cause of your accident in a Faulty Design Liability Case.

Failure to Provide Instructions or Warnings on Products

A failure-to-warn claim involves a product that can become a danger to the consumer if it is not used properly. Products that could potentially cause harm to an individual if used incorrectly are required to have labeled warnings and instructions for use on them.

If a product does not contain proper warnings and instructions, and someone is injured as a result then they have the right to sue for any damages they sustained.

A typical example of a failure-to-warn claim would be prescription drugs that do not warn the users of potential side effects. When filing your product liability lawsuit, your attorney must prove that the injury could have been avoided if there had been proper warnings and instructions. 

Different Types of Compensation in Product Liability  

In a defective product case, attorneys must provide evidence to the court to make sure their clients are fully reimbursed for their injuries. Proving any of the three types of defective product cases takes an experienced attorney who knows the right way to prepare a lawsuit.

The Roth Firm consists of highly trained Product Liability Lawyers experienced in the litigation of defective product cases.

Our Attorneys help our clients receive compensation for:

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Medical Expenses
  • Emotional Anguish
  • Lost Wages
  • Out of Pocket Expenses

Keeping a detailed record of expenses is important to make sure that you are reimbursed for all of your financial hardships. It is also important for your attorney to decide on an amount of money that is fair for you to receive for your pain and suffering.

What it Takes to Win a Defective Product Liability Lawsuit 

To win a defective product liability case, the first step is to consult a personal injury attorney who can review your case and file your claim. The factors that an attorney will consider when preparing the case are: Damaged Product Attorney in Nashville

  1. The extent of injury or Loss that occurred because of the Defective Product
  2. The Evidence that the product was indeed defective.
  3. Proof that the Defect was the Direct Cause of the Injury and Losses
  4. The Product was Being Used correctly when the incident occurred.

When you enlist the help of a product liability attorney, they will organize the facts of your case to prove all of the above factors to win your settlement. If your case meets these requirements, you may be entitled to financial compensation as your injury was avoidable if not for the defective product.

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Top Product Liability Law Firm in Nashville, TennesseeDefective products that are available to the general public are very dangerous and can result in physical, emotional and financial stress. If a defective product has caused you harm, then take the time to contact the Roth Firm for legal assistance.

Our mission is to make sure that all of our defective products clients get proper medical care as well as the financial compensation they deserve. Attempting to fight the legal teams employed by large corporations by yourself is a losing situation.

Let the experienced Product Liability Attorneys at the Roth Firm fight for you while you focus on your recovery.

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