Has a Loved One Suffered a Wrongful Death?

Client Meeting with Wrongful Death AttorneyOur personal injury attorneys hope you never have to experience the wrongful death of a loved one, but if you do, our lawyers understand the devastation and struggle that comes after a loss of life accident. Fayetteville, Georgia. 

If you have lost a family member due to the negligent actions of someone else and intend on taking legal action, The Roth Firm can help you.

Grieving relatives of the decedent have suffered enough devastation, and should not worry about how this sudden loss will affect them financially.

We understand that no amount of monetary compensation could ever replace your loved one, but it can allow you to mourn without simultaneously struggling to make do on the income you have left.


Georgia Laws in Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Georgia has laws specifically in place to protect families devastated by the sudden wrongful death of a family member. They want the decedent’s family to be able to seek compensation in order to regain financial stability immediately following a sudden tragic accident.

However, it is essential to take action fast!

The insurance company and attorney representing the at-fault party will begin to build their case immediately.

There is no doubt that you will need to retain stellar legal representation to help you win your case.

Our wrongful death attorneys in Fayetteville, Georgia have years of experience defending innocent victims and their legal rights after suffering the devastating loss of a dear loved one.

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Understanding a Wrongful Death Case in Georgia

For a death to be ruled as a wrongful death, the loss must have occurred as a direct result of the negligent or reckless actions of another person. The accident victim who had their life taken from them is referred to as the decedent. 

Wrongful Death Cases are some of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, types of personal injury cases to handle in Georgia.

In the majority of personal injury cases, the victim them self is the one who files the claim against the wrongdoer, but in a wrongful death case, the decedent's family, or estate, obviously has to file the claim to recover damages in the state of Georgia. 

The wrongful death case always belongs to the surviving spouse first, when there is no surviving spouse, the decedent’s children are eligible to file a claim.

In a case where there are also no children, the victim's parents would then have the right to file suit. 

In some rare cases, the decedent is without all, a spouse, children, and parents, leaving the administrator of the estate responsible for suing on behalf of the next of kin.

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When Can You File a Claim Regarding the Loss of a Loved One?

Many individuals have questions when they wrongfully lose a loved one, and dealing with the stress of a lawsuit can be too much while trying to mourn your loved one. It is important to take steps to file your claim immediately, but it can be hard when you are still in shock over your sudden loss.

Therefore, The Roth Firm is is here to answer your questions and help you every step of the way if you have lost a family member in a tragic wrongful death accident.  

You are entitled to file a claim and seek retribution for your devastating loss if your family member's loss of life took place as a direct result of one of the following scenarios,

  • Drunk or Influenced Driving
  • Reckless Operation of a Car, Truck, Bus, Motorcycle, or Boat
  • A Work Place Accident with Inadequate Safety
  • Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist or Medical Facility Making a Critical Mistake 

If one of these types of accidents applies to your loved one's case, it is going to be most beneficial for you to hire a Fayetteville, Georgia Personal Injury Attorney to help you win your case and recover after the loss of your loved one. 

Do not continue to struggle after the loss of a loved one, you are owed compensation and justice!

What Compensation Are You Owed After a Fayetteville Wrongful Death Accident?

The state of Georgia permits the surviving family members of a wrongful death accident victim to file a lawsuit against another party, if their negligent actions directly caused the decedent's loss of life.

Below is a list of the many factors that the court will take under consideration when determining the amount you are owed in damages for the decedent's death.

  • Loss of Wages 
  • Loss of Future Income 
  • Loss of Future Retirement Benefits
  • Decedent's Pain and Suffering before Death
  • Degree of Survivor Dependency on the Deceased
  • Loss of Relationship for Spouse, Children and Parents
  • Expenses for Medical and Funeral Costs
  • Loss of Savings
  • Estate's Pain and Suffering

Because wrongful death cases are complex, it is crucial that all individuals attempting to file a claim and recover damages first speak with an expert attorney who specializes in wrongful death cases.

The Roth Firm in Fayetteville, Georgia will protect your legal rights and obtain your deserved compensation for you loved one's loss of life.  

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Hire a Fayetteville, Georgia Wrongful Death Attorney for Help

Wrongful Death Accident Cases are complicated and grieving familes should never have to take on the responsibility of negotiating with ruthless lawyers and insurance companies alone for thier just compensation.

Our personal injury attorneys in Fayetteville, Georgia are experienced in litigating wrongful death cases.  

A lawyer from The Roth Firm can thoroughly explain the intricacies of your case, while working to preserve evidence, investigate your accident, and interview all potential witnesses.  

The expert lawyers from The Roth Firm possess the skills and knowledge required represent victims and their families. Hiring a lawyer in Fayetteville, Georgia to litigate on your behalf will drastically increase your chances of having a positive case outcome and obtaining the maximum recovery in your wrongful death suit. 

The Roth Firm is dedicated to easing their client's financial burden during these trying times. Contact our wrongful death attorneys in Fayetteville, Georgia today.

If you are suffering after the wrongful death of a loved one, we will help you achieve the best possible case outcome. 


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