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Fayetteville, Georgia Product Liability AttorneyConsumers who have been injured as a result of a malfunctioning product in Fayetteville, Georgia may be able to file a Defective Product Liability Lawsuit against the producer.

Our experienced Fayetteville Personal Injury Attorneys want to help protect innocent victims.

If you or someone you know has been injured by a malfunctioning product, the first step to protecting your legal rights is to hire an attorney for representation so that can help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

What is Product Liability?


Products people use every day are usually made by giant corporations that pump out hundreds or thousands of them a day.

Sometimes, an issue occurs in the production of these products that causes an injury to a consumer.

When this happens, the companies have legal teams that protect them from liability and prevent victims from receiving a fair settlement.  

The Roth Firm Lawyers fight to protect the victims of Defective Product Liability cases and make sure they are compensated for their ordeal. Our team has the skills and knowledge that only comes from years of experience battling Defective Product Cases. 

We devote our time to preparing the strongest case possible so that our clients get the highest amount of compensation entitled to them after a defective product has left them damaged.

If we accept your case, you will not be charged any up-front costs as the Roth Firm only accepts payment if we win your lawsuit.

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Common Types of Defective Product Liability Lawsuits 

Defective product cases stem from large companies being more concerned with their profit margin than the safety of their consumers. This can result in thousands of these types of cases being fought in Georgia every year. If you are one of the unfortunate victims of a defective product injury, you need to file a Product Liability Claim.

Product liability refers to a company being held legally responsible for providing a defective product to consumers. 

The three main kinds of product liability lawsuits that the Roth Firm have years of experience litigating include: Defective Product Liability Attorney in Fayetteville, Ga

Defects in Design

Defectively designed cases include any issue with a products design that is dangerous or defective to consumers.

Not to be misinterpreted as a manufacturing defect, a design defect involves an entire line of products having a serious flaw.

Some products, even when made up to the manufacturing standards, are still dangerous and can thus result in a defective design product liability case.

Your attorney has the responsibility of proving a design defect was the cause of your accident in a Faulty Design Liability Case.

Manufacturer Defects 

A defectively manufactured product lawsuit is generally the most common type of product liability case. In these cases, the injury occurred to the consumer because of a flaw in an individual product.

Usually, the defect is the result of an error at the factory where the product was produced, and does not effect the entire line of the product. If you were injured because of a manufacturing defect, you should seek legal counsel from an experienced attorney.

Failure to Provide Instructions or Warnings on Products

A failure-to-warn claim usually involves a product that can be dangerous to the consumer if not used properly. Products that could potentially harm an individual if used incorrectly are required to have labeled warnings and instructions for use on them.

If they do not, and a consumer is injured as a result, than they can sue for any damages they sustained. A typical example of a failure-to-warn claim would be prescription drugs that do not warn the users of potential side effects. When filing your lawsuit it must be shown that an injury happened because of a failure to warn. 

Different Types of Product Liability Compensation 

In a product liability case, attorneys must do their due diligence in order to make sure their clients are fully reimbursed for their injuries. Proving any of the three main types of defective product liability takes an experienced attorney who knows what exactly to look for.

The Roth Firm has a highly trained team of Product Liability Lawyers experienced at proving and winning defective product cases.

Our Attorneys help our clients get compensation for:

  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Anguish
  • Medical Expenses

In successful product liability lawsuits, the victims are eligible for compensation for out-of-pocket expenses that were due to the injury.

When seeking money for pain and suffering your lawyer will have to negotiate for an amount that is fair since there is not exact monetary value associated with pain and suffering. It is important to keep a record of these expenses for your attorney so that a settlement that is fair to you can be reached. 

How to Win a Defective Product Liability Lawsuit 

The first step to winning a defective product liability case is to consult an attorney who will then file your claim. The factors that make a product liability claim successful include: Defective Product Lawyer in Fayetteville, Georgia

  1. An Injury or Loss Occurred because of the Defective Product
  2. There is Evidence of the Defective Product
  3. Prove the Defect was the Direct Cause of the Injury or Losses
  4. The Product was Being Used as Intended When the Injury Occurred

When you enlist the services of a product liability attorney, they will gather and organize the evidence necessary to prove all of the above mentioned in order to win your case.

If your case meets  these requirements, you may be able to receive compensation for what you endured because of the unnecessary injury that you suffered due to a defective product. 

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Being the victim of a defective product can cause emotional, physical and financial stress.

At The Roth Law Firm, we use our experience and legal expertise to help the injured get the restitution they need. We dedicate ourselves to every individual we take on, devoting all of our energy and time to achieve the results they expect. 

Our attorneys have years of experience handling Product Liability Lawsuits and know what it takes to win.

Do not try to fight a Product Liability case without proper legal guidance.

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