How to Maximize my Car Accident Settlement

  1. Keep Accurate Records
  2. Take Photographs 
  3. Do not Accept the First Offer from the Insurance Adjuster 
  4. Follow the Doctors Orders
  5. Keep a Detailed Record of your Injuries 
  6. Contact an Experienced Attorney 

At Last: The Secrets To Maximizing Your Car Accident Settlement is Revealed

Posted by The Roth Firm on Jul 19, 2017 2:50:01 PM

Maximizing Your Car Accident Injury Settlement 

It may not come as a surprise that car insurance companies try to avoid paying for personal injuries and damages after a motor vehicle accident occurs. How to Maximize your Car Accident Settlement

Negotiating with the insurance company can be stressful and overwhelming, and they may refuse to offer you a fair settlement.

With the help of an experienced Personal Injury Attorney, you will not have to navigate through the process of filing a lawsuit and obtaining the compensation alone. 

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If you want to get the most out of your Car Accident Injury settlement, here are some important tips our Atlanta PI Attorneys recommend you follow to maximize your accident injury claim: 

1. Keep Accurate Records 

When you are involved in a car accident and believe it was caused by the other driver, it is crucial to keep accurate records of the crash. You will need to gather police reports, medical treatment documentation, and any potential witness statements. 

The other driver's insurance company will try to collect information that could be used against you, which will leave you at a severe disadvantage if proper documentation of the accident is not kept. 

When you hire a personal injury attorney, they complete this investigation for you, ensuring all of the appropriate records are gathered and presented during the settlement process. 

Your attorney will rely on those documents during the negotiation process with the other party's insurance company. 

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2. Take Photographs 

It is important to take pictures of the accident scene and the injuries that you suffered. If possible, taking pictures of exactly where the cars ended up after the accident along with the damages to both vehicles on-the-scene, will be extremely helpful for your case. 

Photos are a great piece of evidence that your attorney can use during the negotiation process and if your case goes to trial, having pictures will act as a powerful visual for the judge and jury. 

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3. Do not Accept the First Offer from the Insurance Adjuster

Insurance adjusters try to use all types of methods to get you to agree to a much smaller settlement amount than you deserve. The adjuster may even try to get you to admit that the car accident was your fault, even when it was not. 

The job of the insurance adjuster is to get you to agree to a settlement before you hire a car accident attorney. When a personal injury attorney is involved, they know the tactics of the insurance company and cannot be bullied into accepting a low settlement. 

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4. Follow the Doctors Orders 

If you were injured in the car accident and are receiving treatment from a medical professional, it is imperative to continue seeing the Doctor until you are released. 

If you are put on a medical treatment plan to recover from your injuries, and you do not follow the doctor's orders, you risk losing a large portion of money during the settlement process. 

The insurance company will look at any gap in treatment and try to say you were no longer hurt because you did not follow the doctor's orders and missed the treatment. 

The insurance company may refuse to pay any medical bills that accumulated after the gap in treatment occurred. Depending on when this happened, a substantial portion of your medical expenses may not cover because you did not follow the medical treatment plan that you were advised to follow. 

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5. Keep a Detailed Record of Your Injuries

It is important to keep a detailed journal of how your injuries affected your everyday life. If your case Top Car Accident Injury Attorneygoes to trial, it can be hard to recollect the way you were feeling or everything that happened on a given day. 

With a journal you can paint a clear and accurate picture to the judge and jury on how the car accident injuries that you suffered altered your life. 

When asking for compensation for pain and suffering, having a detailed record of all the activities you could not partake in, will only help strengthen your case. 

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Contact an Experienced Car Accident Injury Attorney 

If you were involved in a Car Accident, it is important to communicate with a Personal Injury Attorney as soon as possible. 

Do not speak with the other person's insurance company until you have hired a car accident lawyer to handle your case.

You could lose your only chance at compensation if they wrong thing is said to the wrong person. LetMaximizing your Car Accident Injury Settlement your lawyer handle all of the negotiations to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve. 

The Roth Firm Attorneys have many years of experience helping the injured receive the compensation they deserve for the damages and injuries that they suffered. 

If you want to maximize your car accident settlement, your best chance is to contact the professional Car Accident Attorneys at The Roth Firm today. 

Click below for a free consultation. 

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