3 Simple Steps to Take Before Speaking With Your Attorney After a Personal Injury Accident

  1. Do not speak to any insurance companies or sign any documents
  2. Make an appointment to receive proper medical treatment (even if you don't feel injured)
  3. Start collecting all the paperwork and documents your attorney will need

3 Simple Steps to Take Before Speaking With Your Attorney After a Personal Injury Accident

Posted by The Roth Firm on Mar 6, 2017 10:26:41 AM

When to get an attorney for a Car Accident LawsuitSteps to Take Before Meeting With Your Attorney

Once you submit a request to speak with an attorney or give an intake specialist the details of your case in Georgia or Tennessee, there may be a few hours or even a day or two until you receive a call back from your attorney.

An attorney will usually take the time needed to review your case and fully understand your specific needs and situation.

During this period, it would be shrewd of you to gather some of the needed information that can help your attorney move your case along faster and be closer to reaching a settlement for your injuries, losses, pain, and suffering.

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Below is a list of 3 steps you should take while you are waiting to speak with your attorney. 

1. Silence is Golden: The first and possibly most important thing to keep in mind while you are waiting to speak with an attorney is to not speak with anyone regarding your accident.Should you hire a personal injury attorney

Do not talk to the insurance company or sign any documents that accept financial compensation. Both of these things can hurt your case or make your case invalid.

To be safe, only speak with your attorney regarding your accident to increase your chances of a financially positive case outcome. 

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2. Get to the Doc: If you have not seen a doctor or a chiropractor yet, we highly recommend you schedule an appointment and see a medical professional as quickly as possible.

It is important to get your injuries diagnosed and documented so your attorney can present these to the insurance company.

Waiting too long to be seen by a doctor can seriously impact your case because the insurance company may deny your claim or argue that your injuries were caused by a different, later date accident. 

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3. Be like a Squirrel and Gather: During this time you can also get a jump start on collecting paperwork your attorney will need.

Depending on the type of personal injury accident you were involved in, documents you may need include, a police report, medical records, and worker's compensation forms.Top rated personal injury attorneys near me Atlanta

If you have access to any or all of these documents, requesting copies of them in advance could save you and your attorney time later that could be spent negotiating the terms of your financial settlement. 

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Following these simple steps can help protect your legal rights and will provide your personal injury attorney will quality details to prepare your case for success.

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