Has a Loved One Suffered a Wrongful Death?

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Atlanta GAOur Atlanta wrongful death attorneys understand how devastating accidents are that cause loss of life, and we hope you never experience the death of a family member due to the negligent actions of someone else, but if you do, and intend to take legal action, The Roth Firm can help you. 

When a loved one suffers a wrongful death, they are most likely survived by grieving relatives. These dependents not only feel this terrible and sudden loss on an emotional level but also on a financial one.


We know that no amount of monetary compensation can replace a loved one, but Georgia has laws in place to protect victims of wrongful death. They allow the victim’s family to seek compensation to regain financial stability immediately following a sudden tragic accident.

 However, it is important to contact an attorney fast. The insurance company representing the negligent party will begin their investigation immediately and take the case very seriously. There is no doubt that you need to hire an experienced and professional lawyer to help you win your case.

Our Atlanta, Georgia Wrongful Death Attorneys have years of experience defending the legal rights of affected families who have suffered through the death of a dear loved one, call us today or click on the button below for a free case evaluation. 


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Understanding a Wrongful Death Case in Georgia

A wrongful death occurs only when the negligent act of another directly results in a loss of life. The victim who lost their life is referred to as the “decedent.” 

Wrongful Death Cases are not as simple as other types of personal injury cases in Georgia.

In most personal injury cases, the victim them-self files a claim against the wrongdoer, but in a wrongful death case, the victim's family, or estate, files a claim for the recovery of damages with a wrongful death action in the state of Georgia. 

The wrongful death case belongs to the surviving spouse when there is no surviving spouse, the cause of action belongs to the decedent’s children. If there are also no children, the decedent's parents then have the right to file suit. When the decedent is without a surviving spouse, child, or parent, the administrator of the decedent's estate can then sue on behalf of the next of kin.

When Can You File a Claim Regarding the Loss of a Loved One?

If you have lost a family member or loved one in a wrongful death accident, an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney from The Roth Firm can help you file a claim and gain the compensation you need to recover after the tragic loss of life you are mourning.  

Family members struggling from the wrongful loss of a loved one are owed compensation for their loved one's death. If the life-taking accident took place as a direct result of one of the following scenarios, you might be entitled to file a claim and seek retribution for your loved one's loss of life.

  • Recklessly Driving a Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat
  • A Business with Inadequate Safety and/or Security
  • Unsafe Work Place or Construction Site Accident
  • Doctor, Nurse, or Pharmacist Making a Critical Mistake 

Compensation You are Owed After a Wrongful Death Accident Occurs

Georgia allows the surviving family of a wrongful death victim to file suit if another party's negligence caused the loss of life. Below is a list of factors that the court takes into consideration when determining the amount of damages the decedent's dependents are owed.

  • Loss of Money Earned 
  • Loss of Future Income 
  • Loss of Relationship for Child, Spouse, or Parent
  • Loss of Savings
  • Loss of Future Retirement Benefits
  • Decedent's Pain and Suffering before Death
  • Degree of Survivor Dependency on the Deceased
  • Expenses for Medical and Funeral Costs
  • Estate's Pain and Suffering 

Due to the complexities of wrongful death cases, it is imperative that all parties seeking to file a claim and recover damages consult with an experienced Atlanta Wrongful Death Attorney.

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Wrongful Death Accident Cases are far more complex than any other type of personal injury case, and grieving families should never attempt to take on ruthless insurance companies alone.

Our Atlanta, Georgia Injury Attorneys are experienced in litigating in wrongful death cases, and can thoroughly explain the intricacies of your case. The Roth Firm will work hard to investigate the accident, gather and preserve relevant evidence, and interview all witnesses.

Hiring an expert lawyer from The Roth Firm, who possesses the knowledge and skills required, will drastically boost your chances of having a positive case outcome and obtaining the maximum recovery in your wrongful death suit. 

The Roth Firm is dedicated to recovering maximum compensation for clients in dire need to ease their financial burden during this trying time, so contact our wrongful death attorneys in Atlanta today.

We will help you achieve the best possible case outcome after suffering the wrongful death of a loved one!


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