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Have you been involved in a Motorcycle Accident that was not your fault in Atlanta, Georgia? At The Roth Firm, we have the resources and experience necessary to file your Personal Injury Lawsuit and help you obtain the compensation that you deserve for your injuries, damages, pain, and suffering. Need an attorney after a Motorcycle Accident in Atlanta

Our Personal Injury Attorneys specialize in representing the those who have been injured due to negligence, recklessness, carelessness, or intentional misconduct of others.

We have the skills and resources to gather supportive evidence that will prove the other party's negligence and their responsibility for the accident. 

Our team of Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorneys have been helping the injured recover damages for many years. We understand that without warning your whole life may be turned upside down. Motorcycle Accidents can cause some of the most severe, life-altering injuries compared to any other type of motor vehicle accident. Motorcycles do not have the advantage that an encircled automobile driver has when it comes to avoiding injury in even the most minor of crashes. 

If you are suffering from a motorcycle accident injury that was caused by a negligent driver, contact The Roth Firm Personal Injury Attorneys for a free case review today! Free Motorcycle Accident Consultation 

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Motorcycle Accident Injuries that Leave you in Need of an Attorney

Even when wearing a helmet and proper safety attire, motorcyclists can still become severely injured when an accident occurs. Often, it is due to another driver's mistake and distracted driving that can lead the motorcycle driver to suffer from very serious injuries. The most common motorcycle accident injuries that our Atlanta law office sees on a regular basis include: 

Head Injury 

Head injuries are all too common in motorcycle collisions. Even with a protective helmet it is possible for the skull to be severely damaged. The head is one of the most important body parts to protect. If you are involved in an wreck that caused your brain to become damaged you may suffer from that injury for the rest of your life. Trauma to the head can cause a concussion anywhere from mild to severe or even fatal. Anytime you are involved in a collision that results in a head injury, immediate medical attention needs to be taken. 

Broken Bones 

Since motorcycles lack safety features and protection, fractures and broken bones are very common. These types of injuries can result in permanent nerve damage or disfigurement. Proper riding gear and protective clothing may help to minimize the severity of the broken bones or fractures and lessen the chances of suffering from internal bleeding or organ damage. Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Road Rash  

Road rash is a common injury for a motorcyclist to endure. Even in a minor crash when someone slides across the pavement, road rash almost always occurs. The severity of the road rash will depend on the accident and type of clothes that were being worn. The thinner the clothing the more severe the road rash will be. This type of injury can lead to skin damage, infections, nerve damage, or skin irritations depending on the severity of the accident. 

Biker's Arm 

Biker's Arm is occurs after the initial impact of a motorcycle collision. When a motorcyclist is thrown from their bike, it is human instinct to draw one's arms in the front of oneself to lessen the impact. When this happens, more impact will mean more damage to the nerves in the arms.

When a rider lands on their arm during impact, permanent nerve damage can occur in the arm and the upper body. Wearing protective gear and elbow pads help to protect against severe nerve damage. 

Every time you get onto a motorcycle, precautions should be taken to avoid an accident and injury. You never know when another driver may cause a crash, so always being prepared could save your life. Some easy tips to follow before riding include:

  • Always Wear a Helmet 
  • Wear Protective Gear
  • Keep your Motorcycle Maintained 
  • Never Overestimate your Riding Ability

4 Important Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Crash in Atlanta

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident that is not your fault, there are several steps that need to be followed if you want to file a lawsuit with our Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys and obtain the compensation that you deserve. 

Step 1) Call the Police: It is crucial for your motorcycle accident claim to have the accident documented by a police officer. Having an officer complete an accident report that states the other party's negligence will be a substantial help when filing a lawsuit. 

Step 2) Seek Medical Attention: It is crucial to your accident injury case to have your injuries properly documented following an accident that was not your fault. If you fail to have your injuries looked at by a professional you may be denied a substantial amount of compensation during the settlement process. 

Step 3) Document the Accident: Depending on the severity of your injuries this may be a difficult step to follow. Often when someone is rushed to the hospital it is difficult to have pictures of the accident scene. However, it is important to take pictures of the damages to your bike as well as yourself. You do not want someone trying to minimize the damages that actually took place in the wreck. 

Step 4) Contact The Roth Firm: It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to handle the details of your case. It will be up to your attorney to gather the necessary evidence that proves the other driver's negligence. Trying to handle a lawsuit alone especially when you are suffering injuries is nearly impossible. Which is why it is so crucial to contact our motorcycle accident lawyers to help you. 

How Our Attorneys Help You

When you are involved in a collision that causes damage and injury, the last thing you want to deal with is a personal injury lawsuit. You shouldn't have to do it alone.

At The Roth Firm we take the necessary steps to make sure you do not have to worry about obtaining compensation because we do that for you.

Our attorneys will:

  • Complete a thorough Investigation 
  • Compile Evidence
  • Evaluate your Damages
  • Obtain All Necessary Documentation 
  • Negotiate with the Insurance Company
  • If Necessary, Represent you at TrialMotorcycle Accident Lawyer in Atlanta, GA

Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney will take the following into account when evaluating your damages: 

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Property Damage
  • Pain and Suffering 
  • Punitive Damages

The Roth Firm diligently works to ensure that your case is getting the attention it deserves. It is our goal to help you obtain the amount of compensation that you deserve and if you are too injured to drive, or are in the hospital, we will send one of our expert attorneys right to you for a free case review. We will explore the best options for your case and when you decide to proceed as a client, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay us absolutely nothing until you are awarded a settlement.  

The Importance of Acting Fast 

When you are hurt in a motorcycle wreck that was not your fault, it is crucial to your lawsuit to act fast. This means, do not wait to seek medical attention, go to your follow up doctor's appointment, contact an attorney as soon as you are able.Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer Atlanta

We will go so far as to meet you at the hospital to begin our investigation and ensure that your case is in the right hands. 

Our attorneys understand the frustration of being hurt because of negligence, and although we cannot change what happened, we can offer a means of compensation for everything that you had to go through as a result of recklessness.

So if you are injured and looking for help, you have found the right place. The Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at The Roth Firm can help you file a lawsuit and receive the compensation that is owed to you for the injuries that you have suffered. 

Time is of the essence, so pick up the phone, or click on the link below for a Free Case Review with Atlanta's Best Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorneys today. 

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