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Dogs are known as "man's best friend," and statistically 44% of households in the United States own a dog.

However, any animal in certain situations is capable of becoming aggressive for various reasons.

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If you've suffered a Dog Bite injury in Atlanta, you understand that they can be incredibly painful. These bites can lead to very serious injuries and infections for individuals of all ages.

What you may not know is that if you are bitten by someone else's dog, you absolutely have the legal right to hire a Personal Injury Attorney to fight for compensation for your injuries, medical costs, and damages.

The Roth Firm has an excellent team of experienced Dog Bite Injury Lawyers who are determined to help you with your legal rights after being involved in a dog attack. 

How to Avoid Dog Attacks in Atlanta, GA

It is the responsibility of the Atlanta resident to responsible for their own. However, there are suggestions and precautions you can take into consideration to help avoid potential dog bite injuries.

These include the following:

  • Do not approach a dog you are unfamiliar with
  • Do not disturb a dog while it is eating
  • Do not run from a dog or scream
  • Do not encourage the dog to play aggressively
  • Allow a dog to sniff you before you pet it

Important note: Children especially may not understand the risk of approaching an aggressive dog. While the dog owner must take responsibility of the dog, it is critical for parents to keep an eye out when their children are around animals. 

Tips to Follow During a Dog Attack  

While no one wants to be involved in a dog attack, or any attack for that manner, there are some useful tips you can follow to best minimize any potential damages.

These tips include:

  1. Do not run, as this may excite the dog and encourage a continuation of the attack.
  2. Assume a non-threatening position by standing sideways as opposed to directly in front of the dog.
  3. If possible, hold your ground and stand as still as you possibly can.
  4. If you are being bitten, try to protect your face, throat, and neck.
  5. Do not pull away; this could cause more injury.
  6. If possible, use an easy to reach or a nearby object, such as a purse or jacket, to try and get the dog to latch onto that instead of you.

The natural reaction is to stick out an arm to fend off the dog. While this is helpful in protecting your neck and face, try preparing by wrapping a shirt or jacket around your arm.

Also, try to keep the outer part of your forearm facing the dog. This will help avoid the major arteries that run through your radial and ulna. 

What to do After a Dog Bite Injury

Personal Injury | Dangerous Dog AttorneysDog attacks are serious matters. You need to be careful and take care of your injury, but also try to collect some information.

If you want to file an injury claim after being bitten by a Dog in Atlanta, you will need to identify the attacking dog and its owner.

If possible, collect the following information from any surrounding and reliable witnesses to the dog attack:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Photos of the Accident
  • Photos of Injuries

All of this information can greatly help your potential legal case.

Treatment for Dog Bite Injuries

If untreated, a Dog Bite Wound can cause serious injury, infection, or disease. After you are bitten by a dog in Atlanta, Georgia, you should seek medical attention immediately to ensure that you do not obtain:

  • Skin Damage
  • Underlying Tissue Damage
  • Infection

Medical Treatment for Dog Bite

The main priority of the attending physician will be to prevent infection. Once a health care professional has examined the dog bite and taken a history of the events that occurred, typically the injury can be cared for in an emergency department of a doctor's office.

The attending doctor will want to know when you last had a tetanus shot.

If you never had one or cannot remember how long it has been, they can administer the shot just to be safe. Depending on the severity of the injury it is possible you may require stitches or even surgery.

Unfortunately, rabies is always a source of concern and it is important to find out the dog's immunization status. If the dog has not been immunized, you may have to receive a vaccine against the rabies virus.

There are many approaches that can be considered depending on the situation surrounding the dog bite.

If you need emergency medical treatment after a dog bite, please visit one of the following immediately:


Could a Person Be Imprisoned for Keeping a Known Vicious Animal?

Vicious Dog | Dog Bite Lawsuit

There have been numerous instances where people have been criminally convicted for knowingly owning dangerous animals. In some instances, owners have been found guilty of murder when their animal attacks someone and the person is killed.

The owner can be sentenced for severe fines or even be liable for a significant amount of jail time.

One Bite Rule For Dogs in Georgia

In many Personal Injury cases that involve dog attacks, Atlanta, GA has a one bite rule, which means the owner of the dog is liable for damages inflicted by his dog if the owner is aware of the dog's potential to bite.

If a dog tries to bite someone, from that moment on they are on notice that the dog is dangerous, and will be liable if the dog later bites. The owner is expected to know what their dog is capable of, especially if the dog has bitten before.

If a dog has bitten someone, the owner is obligated to register their dog with the state of Georgia's Dangerous Dog Control Office. Please visit the Atlanta Humane Society for more information.

After a dog is considered dangerous, the owner will be held solely liable for any injuries caused by the dog.

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