What is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident?

After an Atlanta car accident, many people wonder, “What is my crash claim worth?” Without the help of an experienced attorney, it is impossible to determine an exact amount.

However, there are many different factors that victims can consider to get a general idea of car accident settlement amounts

The following factors will impact your car accident settlement:

  1. Extent of injuries
  2. Vehicle value
  3. Cost of medical care
  4. Life-long consequences of injuries
  5. Insurance coverage
  6. Number of people involved
  7. Death toll
  8. Whether or not insurance companies meet victim demands
  9. Sympathy a jury has for the victim
  10. Victim’s income

Each of these factors is different for every case, making it nearly impossible to determine an average for Atlanta car accident claims. However, having a good understanding of how the factors listed above pertain to your case will help you determine more accurate damage calculations for your case.

Knowing what your case might be worth will give you an advantage during the settlement process. Speak to an Atlanta car accident lawyer for specific information related to your lawsuit.

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Types of Compensation in a Car Accident Settlement

Since your car accident is unique, it is crucial to consider exactly how your accident impacted you. All of the ways you were impacted physically, emotionally, and financially will affect your claim’s value.

Calculating the ways your car accident has impacted you will help you estimate your car accident settlement amount.

Courts split car accident damages into three main categories:

  • Special Damages
  • General Damages
  • Punitive Damages

Special Damages

Special damages are the monetary losses that directly result from a collision. These amounts are based on bills, records, and other documentation and include the following:

  1. Past and future medical expenses
  2. Cost of surgeries or other related medical treatment
  3. Value of lost wages
  4. Cost of repairs for property damage


General Damages

General damages are based on the pain and trauma that car accident victims typically experience. These damages can be difficult to predict and largely depend upon the victim’s ability to communicate personal losses to a jury.

General damages can include:

  1. Emotional trauma
  2. Loss of companionship
  3. Psychological effects
  4. Loss of enjoyment of life
  5. Mental distress
  6. Physical pain
  7. Suffering

Punitive Damages

In some states, punitive damages are an additional type of compensation that a judge may decide to award if he or she feels general compensation is insufficient.

Punitive damages are rare, but when they occur, it is typically a response to gross negligence such as drunk driving or intent to harm.

Now that you have a better understanding of the inner workings of a car accident case take a look at average settlement amounts for car accident cases.


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Average Car Accident Settlement Atlanta | Car Accident Settlement Amounts Average

Average Settlement Amounts for a Car Accident

Auto accident claim data shows that on average, a car accident settlement amounts to between $14,000 and $28,000. Highly serious car accidents can reach amounts as high as $31,000 or more.

Car accidents that result in paralysis or a spinal cord injury can be worth hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars due to the victim's lifelong costs and physical limitations.

Generally, a personal injury trial will yield a higher settlement outcome than an insurance settlement that does not go to trial.

It is impossible to determine the exact value of your case based on averages because car accident claims are versatile and unpredictable. These average amounts may be far from the total you receive in the end.

The best way to determine the worth of your car accident case is to schedule a free case evaluation with a skilled, experienced Atlanta Attorney.

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